Truepeoplesearch How to opt out and remove yourself Step-by-Step Instructions

What’s TruePeoplesearch?

TruePeoplesearch is a data broker.

In today’s hyperconnected world, information can be used for good or evil. TruePeoplesearch is a data broker that helps people search. People are opting out more of these data brokers to prevent their private information from being sold and shown to others online.

How do I opt out and unsubscribe from TruePeoplesearch

TruePeoplesearch provides three options to erase your personal data. California residents have special privacy protections.

  1. Optery provides an automated opt out and data deletion service. We are willing to charge a small monthly fee to help you.
  2. To have your name removed from TruePeoplesearch, you must submit an opt-out using TruePeoplesearch’s Public Records Opt Out Process. Read on to find out how to manually opt out of TruePeoplesearch.
  3. You must send your California Consumer Privacy Act Data Deletion Request manually. This opt-out is stronger and purges data more than just having it deleted (as explained above). This only applies to California residents.

How do I opt out from TruePeoplesearch manually?

  1. Navigate to the TruePeoplesearch opt-out page: Enter your email address and agree to the terms. Click on the “Begin Removal”.


2 Name Search allows you to search for your record by entering name and address.How-to-remove-yourself-from-TruePeoplesearch-Opt-Out-Step-2

3. After you have found your match in the search results click on the “Details” button.How-to-remove-yourself-from-TruePeoplesearch-Opt-Out-Step-3

4. Once you have confirmed that the record belongs to you, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Remove this Record” button. This means that you are either on an inadvertent page or that your session has ended. You will need to go back to step 1.How-to-remove-yourself-from-TruePeoplesearch-Opt-Out-Step-4

5 An on-screen confirmation of your opt-out request will be displayed. An email verification link will also be sent.How-to-remove-yourself-from-TruePeoplesearch-Opt-Out-Step

6. Check your inbox for the notification email. Confirm your opt-out request by clicking on the link.How-to-remove-yourself-from-TruePeoplesearch-Opt-Out-Step-6

7. Click on the verification link to see confirmation that your request was processed. TruePeoplesearch will delete your record in 72 hours.How-to-remove-yourself-from-TruePeoplesearch-Opt-Out-Step-7

TruePeoplesearch will generally remove your record as soon as your request is confirmed.

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