Pierce Pioneer

Kicking it with Q – Episode 5 – The Struggle in Hong Kong

March 20, 2020

Quintin Mattson-Hayward talks about the struggles in her home, her transition to the United States a...

The Drop – Episode 4 – Hong Kong

February 21, 2020

Daniel So interviews students from Hong Kong about the protest back home and how it has affected the...

What is your Halloween?

What is your Halloween?

October 18, 2017

...besides Halloween, variety of traditions and customs has been made to honor decease love ones and ancestors.

student spotlight

May 13, 2013

Candace Hansen Staff Writer Chung Yan Li is an eighteen year old international student from Hong Kong that aspires to major in communications after she transfers to the University of Washington. However, before Li can do so she must overcome the challenges of adjusting to the American way of life. “I’m afraid to speak to Ame...