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Covid-19 for International students from Asia at Pierce College

March 28, 2020

Description: These days, Coronavirus is spreading out all over the world. Pierce College has a lot o...

Washington State death tolls continue to rise amidst Coronavirus panic

Washington State death tolls continue to rise amidst Coronavirus panic

March 13, 2020

On Mar. 8, between 102 - 136 Coronavirus cases have been made in King County, with death tolls being between 16 - 19 and rising. Of the 136 cases reported, 86 of those affe...

Coronavirus - What You Need to Know

Coronavirus – What You Need to Know

January 27, 2020

A new virus has emerged in Wuhan, China and is spreading rapidly. The Coronavirus, a disease most often found in animals such as birds, has been traced to a public sea...

Construction underway for students in the medical field

Construction underway for students in the medical field

October 11, 2019

Space for students will be expanded and be completed by Fall of 2021 Many students may know of Pierce College’s ever-growing dental hygiene,...

The Scoop #12 – Dental Hygiene

The Scoop #12 – Dental Hygiene

May 28, 2019

Khuong “Finn” Quoc Ho and Candee Bell talk about events happening Monday, May 28th through Saturday, ...

Measles outbreak reported in Pierce County

Measles outbreak reported in Pierce County

May 23, 2019

In February, a measles outbreak was reported in the King County area, and now it has moved to Pierce County, according to the Tacoma-Pierce Coun...

Flu Shot Frenzy

Flu Shot Frenzy

October 26, 2016

Ah, fall. The time of Thanksgiving, Halloween, cold weather, and of course, the flu season. As we all kn...

health and fitness are unmasked in a series of classes

April 17, 2013

Lloyd Shisler Staff Writer Food and fitness are everywhere, telling us what we should eat and how we should look. The media advertises food that is delicious and unhealthy. Magazines and pictures advertise how someone should look in our society. Kim Field is a teacher here at Pierce College. She has been well educated in the...

A smoking conversation

January 28, 2013

Tamara Kelly Staff Writer While it can be argued that spouting statistics is a waste of time for smokers, it’s difficult to argue with science and statistics, especially when we know they are true. Smoking is bad for health. I question whether smokers really understand the constraints they are placing upon their body....

Relief for delayed onset muscle soreness

June 7, 2012

Six easy tips to help get rid of pesky after workout pain Tamara Kelly Staff Writer After a big workout the fluid retention may be the cause of all that pain and stiffness from sore muscles. Here are few tips that can help alleviate the pain and get you back on the treadmill. Drink some orange juice after a tough workou...

Fried food is not the only option any more

June 7, 2012

Students are offered a wider variety of foods in the campus cafeteria Andrea Bell Staff Writer      Rushing around between classes there is no time to run to the store to pick up a lunch, meaning it’s home packed or cafeteria.      The cafeteria food is reasonably priced but not always the healthiest option. The majority of the foo...

Preventing mental illness

May 26, 2012

Mental health; a commonly used word in society today that has people locking to therapists, shrinks, and mental health experts to be diagnosed. But what is mental health really? It surely isn’t the stress you feel everyday. Or is it? There are so many things today that fall under the category of mental health that it needs...

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