Nintendo Switch OLED Model & Nintendo Switch What’s the Difference?

In late 2021, Nintendo unveiled a new Switch model. The new model has a bigger screen and some improvements to the current console.

Is the Nintendo Switch (OLED) better than the Switch? It is still possible to purchase the older model. Which one should you choose?

We compare 1,000s prices from 1,000s retailers to find the lowest price. Pocket-lint may be compensated for these offers.

What’s the difference?

  • Both can work in TV, desktop or handheld mode.
  • 720p60 (handheld/desktop), 1080p60 (TV)
  • Same processor: Custom Nvidia TegraX1

Many new features are available on the Nintendo Switch OLED, including a larger screen. It is basically the same as the existing Switch.

The battery for both models is identical. Both consoles have the same screen specs, with a resolution of 720p60 in handheld mode and 1080p60 when connected to a TV.

All Nintendo Switch titles will work on both consoles. Accessory items such as the JoyCon controllers can be used on both consoles. The sizes of both units are nearly identical.

Each dock comes with two Joy-Con controllers and a dock.

What’s different?

There are key differences between the Nintendo Switch and the original Switch.

Size and Weight

  • Dimensions for the Nintendo Switch: 102x239x 13.9mm (with JoyCons attached).
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED model) dimensions: 102x242x13.9mm (with JoyCons).
  • Nintendo Switch Weight: 297g (with joy-cons)
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). Weight: 320g (420g if combined with Joy-Cons).

The Switch OLED screen is smaller than the Switch LCD screen, but has a larger display. Joy-Cons can still work together.

The Switch OLED may be slightly larger and heavier than the regular OLED but you won’t notice a difference.


  • Nintendo Switch: 6.2-inch LCD Display
  • Nintendo Switch OLED Model: 7-inch OLED Display

The most important difference between models is the display.

The new OLED panel is named after the OLED panel. This allows for better colour accuracy, contrast, and overall picture performance.

OLED panels are cooler looking and produce more light.

Because it lacks a backlight, the screen doesn’t require as much bezel. OLED pixels are self-illuminating and require less bezel than standard Switch screens measuring 6.2 inches.

Built-in kickstand

The original Switch had a kickstand, but it’s only 10mm wide. It doesn’t support the console in desktop mode.

The Kickstand on the Switch OLED has a stronger design. This makes it easier to reposition the device for desktop use.

Each console comes with a MicroSD card slot.

Select from a range of colors

Both consoles can be ordered in the Neon classic colour option (one Joy-Con comes in blue, one in red), while the Switch OLED can also come in striking white. It’s beautiful and clean. Usually, it’s only available in black plastic.

We expect more colours and specials to be added to the OLED model in the future, but these are the only two options at the moment.

There have been many special editions and a grey version of the Switch over the years.


  • Nintendo Switch 32GB onboard storage, microSD card slot for expansion
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED Version): 64GB onboard storage, microSD card slot for expansion

The storage capacity of the Nintendo Switch (OLED), is twice that of the standard Switch. This means you can install twice the games on the Nintendo Switch (OLED).


Each console includes a docking station which can charge and connect to TVs. Each console also has two USB 2.1 ports.

OLED docks are now wired with internet connectivity. Standard docks can only be connected via Wi Fi.

Both consoles are capable of being docked to produce 1080p60 and up to 5.1 MP3 audio.

It is also worth noting that the dock for the Switch OLED can be bought separately. This dock will work with the older Switch.


The sound quality of the Switch OLED’s speakers is slightly improved. Speakers are designed differently to produce louder and more immersive sounds.


A new Switch console sounds exciting but there are very few improvements.

If you don’t yet own a Switch, the OLED model is the best. It is simply amazing.

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