Clevo NH70 Specs, Performance & Buying Guide!

Clevo NH70 review will give you the best gaming ideas.

Clevo gaming laptops are known for their affordability and high-performance Benchmark results. It is well-known for its outstanding performance.

Since its launch, the NH70 laptop has been a bestseller.

Clevo: Why buy it?

Clevo laptops are a great choice for gamers. It’s affordable and delivers high-end performance comparable with well-known brands.

The company offers customization options that let you add components of your choice. Depending on what hardware you choose, you can also make barebone notebooks or laptops.

Clevo NH70 Price

The price of Clevo H70 could be considered within your budget. It is possible that the cost of Clevo H70 could vary depending on whether or not you add or subtract components that can increase or decrease its performance.

The price range of the Clevo gaming laptop, NH70 is

Clevo NH70 Buying guide

This guide is for Clevo NH70 buyers. If you want to enjoy the full experience of gaming, a high-performance computer is essential.

Qnnit will help you find a gaming laptop at a price that is both affordable and high quality.

  • Click the to see the details of your laptop.
  • Once you have finished configuring your Clevo gaming laptop, visit Clevo Computers and choose the laptop that suits your needs.
  • You have the option to add more features to your laptop.

Clevo NH70 can be used to multitask if you are a single-player player. Professional players may find the price more important.

You can choose whether you want affordability and performance, or if other laptops made by reputable brands will be more expensive but offer the same quality.

Specifications of Clevo NH70

The specifications of the Clevo NH70 will help you decide if it is worth buying. Combining a variety high-powered materials in one frame allows seamless gaming.

Below are the specifications for Clevo N70. These specs can be used with any game.

Laptop & ModelSpecifications
Batteries14.4 V 3275mAh/3-4 hours
Memory500GB storage up to oneTB, 8GB DDR4 at 2666MHz, 500GB SSD
Price$959 to 1.500 (Basic).
WeightJust 5.5lb or 2.5kg
Storage TypeSSD
Screen Resolution1920X1080, wide view angle, 127 PPI
Processor9th Generation, Intel Core 9750H processor, clocked @ 2.6 GHz
Screen Size17.3 inches, full HD
MediaSound blaster and microphone with built-in speakers
Operating SystemWindows 10
Graphics cardNVIDIA GTX1660T, DX12 Compatible
ConnectivityBluetooth, Wireless-ACLAN

Clevo NH70 Features

Clevo N70 gaming machines are extremely popular and you will feel compelled to buy them as soon as possible. It is also available in a matte finish. This makes it stand out among other gaming machines.

Clevo, a powerful machine that allows for smooth gameplay, is also known by the name “beast in your pocket” The following information will appear:

Clevo NH70 Display & Pixel Density

Clevo’s NH70 gaming gadget features a 15-inch or 17-inch display. It can be set to adjust up to 3840×2160 resolution. It has a matte finish.

The machine’s 3kg weight is due to its visual components and graphics. G-Sync technology allows you to work and play seamlessly without any lags.

Clevo NH70 Batteries Pack

You want to be able use your gaming laptop for almost 10 hours without charging it.

Clevo NH70 Speaker, Warranty & Warranty

The quality of your audio and speakers will enhance your gaming experience. With the darkened ambience in your room, the backlit keyboard emits beautiful vibes.

The touchpad reacts to any intensity or smooth touch you make during gameplay.

The warranty on the Clevo-NH70 typically lasts one year. This warranty includes:

  • Component failure
  • Manufacturing errors
  • Internatl issues such as keyboard, display, or any other component.

Clevo NH70 Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Clevo provides a schematic map that can be used to revise layers or symbols. A buffer frame protects the CPU core.

The ten cores are powered by 16GB DDR4 at 3200 Megahertz (MHz) and provide power and speed for intense games. The power supply provides 180-watt output to support heavy-duty gaming equipment.

Graphics & Processor Clevo NH70

The NH-70 Clevo has been enhanced with powerful components to reflect its performance.

Clevo has taken every step to provide world-class gaming laptops. With 4GB DDR5 This combination can make it possible to display high-definition content.

Storage Options For Clevo NH70

Clevo NH70 has a range of storage options. There are 256GB and 500GB internal storage that you can choose from, and you can expand it up to 1TB or twoTB .

NVIDIA GTX1660Ti DX12 Compatible card allows it to easily handle graphics-intensive tasks.

Clevo NH70 Cooling Mechanism

A fan designed with a high-speed rotating design allows for fast cooling of Clevo NH-70. This fan design allows uninterrupted gameplay.

Airflow is an important consideration for the laptop. Hot air is thrown from a fast-revving system.

Clevo NH70 Cooling Pros & Cons

These are the pros and cons to Clevo-NH70.

Screen with large batteryToo long to recharge the battery
The perfect combination GPU and CPUGaming laptops weigh more than other
High-performance machine
It is easy to move
Multicolor panel to provide a better user experience
GTX 1650X the most recent games
Excellent pixel density


Clevo NH70 reviews should have been informative to you now to clarify any doubts about whether or not you purchase NH70.

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