Pierce Pioneer

Singer-songwriter Teitur brings out different side of music

February 7, 2012

  Fast paced, low beat this local hip-hop artist is on the right track. Incorporating many different types of hip-hop styles he is out to grab locals attention with his music by adding a constant variety. A fellow Pierce student, Justin Harmon (aka Justis), goes back and forth from school to the studio, doing what...

Pomplamoose On the Loose

December 28, 2011

http://youtu.be/meT2eqgDjiM   The popular YouTube sensation and recorded duo "Pomplamoose" visited Seattle on Oct. 26 to show off their stunning original material and creative covers on their first official tour. Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte joined forces as successful artists in the music industry to create what...

Music Review: Crush The Empire

December 18, 2011

“Crush the Empire.” Yes, for all you Star Wars lovers out there this is indeed a reference. “Crush the Empire” is a 3-piece band from a generation that grew in that era we love to call the 90’s. Although the band is a new project only just a few months, old members aren’t new to the music scene at all. Vocalist...

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