‘Deadpool’ close to busting his way onto the big screen

Here are some reasons why people are excited for this infamous “Mercenary with a Mouth”

February 10, 2016

Marvel’s Deadpool breaks every superhero rule there is. He kills because he loves it, he does whatever he wants whenever he wants, and most of all, he breaks every boundary between the comic book and the real world.

Deadpool, also known as Wade Wilson, has regenerative powers. He got them from the X-Man superhero, Wolverine. Though he is seemingly ageless, and can regenerate any wounds he receives, he also has skin cancer.

An anti-hero is a superhero who is lacking in conventional heroic attributes. These attributes usually consist of being selfless, kind, and always on the side of justice. Deadpool is a selfish, destructive, fun loving madman.

The cancer was the original reason why he underwent the experiment that gave him his powers, so now his skin is literally falling off from within his suit.

Deadpool’s strength and “wits” are of his own mentality, however. He’s skilled in every way of “killing bad guys,” which he very much loves to do. Deadpool is somewhat insane--no, very insane.

Whether this was from the experiment or he was already a little off, and being on the verge of death then getting immortality becoming the last straw to set this vulgar merc off on his gleeful insanity.

“Breaking the 4th wall” is when a character in a fictional story acknowledges the real world. A character looking at the camera, speaking to the audience, or mentioning anything about their fan base and trends that formed about that character outside of the story.

Deadpool manages to break through the 4th wall so hard he built a 5th wall just because he wasn’t satisfied enough with the destruction.

He consistently comments about his situation, and will either narrate to himself in varied voices, complain about a troupe--meaning the predictable events that happen in a specific genre of story-- in comic books and how much he wants to break the troupe.

Or he’ll blame the writers for putting him somewhere he doesn’t want to be in.

One example of Deadpool’s wall breaking skills would be when he is working with another comic book anti-hero, the Punisher: when they are standing in front of a bad guy and Deadpool kills him in front of the Punisher. “Why’d you do that?” The Punisher asks.

“Because you were gonna do it, and this is my book!” Deadpool responds. The Punisher is confused, “Your what--?” and Deadpool drops it by saying, “Nothing.”

Another instance of Deadpool’s antics is when someone asks him if he remembers where someone went, he responds, “I remember, the Alamo, the Bee Gees, a whole bunch of quotes from the Golden Girls, and that 4CHAN thread where the devil makes potty.”

Deadpool is not within the “Marvel Cinematic Universe,” he is part of the X-Men universe. The difference is that Marvel/Disney own the rights to the Avengers such as Iron Man, Daredevil, Spiderman, and Captain America.

Whereas 20th Century Fox owns the rights to the X-men, such as Wolverine, Magneto, and even the word “mutant.”

Deadpool was depicted on the big screen before, in X-men Origins: Wolverine (2009), portrayed by Ryan Reynolds.

The movie had mixed feelings, mainly leaning towards the negative, especially their treatment of Deadpool’s wacky character.

20th Century Fox/Marvel then decided to redeemed the highly appreciated character, they casted Reynolds again as Deadpool, but scrapped his origins from the 2009 Wolverine movie, and are giving him a chance to breath life into the character again.

The upcoming Deadpool movie is telling the full origin of Deadpool, as well as what he does after he gets his powers- a typical superhero movie, but if the movie follows the way Deadpool stories usually go, it’ll be chaotic, hilarious, and an all around ride of a lifetime.

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