Will you parish or survive??

February 2, 2016

The second game that was among the 2015 greatest games, was FromSoftware’s Bloodborne. A game with probably one of the thickest atmospheres a video game has to offer, Bloodborne is a dark and ominous game with an eerie sense of tension, exploration, and horror.

It is difficult to describe where exactly Bloodborne “takes place,” with the game shifting the player character in and out of reality and other worlds known as “Nightmares.” The Nightmare where the player begins their journey is in the City of Yharnam, a gothic London-esk dystopia with towering cathedrals and spires around every corner.

The player’s character is a Hunter, a skilled and well-equipped warrior with an arsenal that is specially tailored for slaying beasts.And beasts are more abundant than horse carriages in Yharnam. Once the proud citizens of Yharnam, these Twisted, teethed, growling monsters will tear apart anything in sight. The only thing that stands in their way are what is left of the Hunters, which is the player themselves. The night is long, and the secrets of Yharnam are deep. The Healing Church areconsidered once the saints of Yharnam, having complete control over every aspect of the city, gripping it with their ultimate remedy to all ailments and wounds: Blood.


As the Hunter explore the city and beyond, they discover the true evils that lie within Yharnam’s very walls. The game soon takes a Lovecraftian turn towards Eldritch Truth and incomprehensible horrors that have driven everyone but the Hunter insane.The gameplay is unforgiving if the player is not careful in their travels. FromSoftware is famous for making brutal, and sometimes considered “unfair” games such as King’s Field,Demon’s Souls, and most notably, Dark Souls. These games, including Bloodborne, have followed a specific formula on cautious movement, tactical and critical thinking, and deeper stories that are hidden below the surface of the tale presented.

Bloodborne is its own game, however. And is the most accessible Souls game to date. Though it is still very difficult, and if the player doesn’t plan out what moves they will make to survive the encounter at hand, they may parish quickly. Despite its difficulty, Bloodborne is a well thought out, at times unnerving game that is very enjoyable to anyone willing to try, though it is still not for the faint of heart.

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