Homeopathic sinusitis and common cold remedies

April 8, 2015

Spring is in bloom and allergy season is underway, but don’t fret. We have a few of nature’s remedies to help combat the common cold without the drowsiness of Benadryl.

Homeopathic remedies and medicine have been used for centuries. The difference between drug store medication and homeopathic remedies is that homeopathic remedies stimulate your immune system, while drugstore medication suppresses your immune defenses.

While most of us are used to taking Claritin or Benadryl in the worse case scenarios, there are natural ways to fights symptoms of allergies and hay fever without the need for medication and doctor visits.

Ingestion, inhalation, and topical absorption are the three ways these natural remedies can be used. For symptoms of congestion and sinus pressure, a tincture of peppermint leaves, lemon juice, and minced ginger root can be combined with a glass of water and ingested (all contents of this tincture are ingestible but work just as well if strained after soaking).

The peppermint’s menthol properties help stimulate the nasal membrane and clear sinuses, while ginger and lemon work in the immune system to detoxify it.

For post nasal drip and sore throats echinacea flower and lemon are great for helping fight infection and coating the throat. Echinacea flower is best used as a tea once the flower itself has been cleaned dried.

For those who are subject to rashes lavender essential oil, chamomile oil, and rose water are great to use on rashes individually or combined, due to their soothing properties.

The oils can be applied directly or with a cooled/hot soaked cloths that have been mixed with water and the solution of your choice. (Make sure to do a patch test on the back of your hand before applying, seeing as you may be allergic to the recommended oils).

These are just a few natural options for allergy relief, but there are many other remedies that work with the bodies immune system to fight off and prevent these unwanted colds.

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