The Art of Pretending to be a Grown up

YouTube star’s how to guide to adulthood

Aaryn Kornbau, Contributing Writer

YouTube sensation Grace Helbig, from “It’s Grace”, has published a book. Helbig is one of the few YouTuber’s to make a franchise off of their name and publish a book in the past year.

In this “how to” self-help book, Helbig discusses young adult issues like job interviews, first dates, and how to throw an adult party. While her answers to these questions is what you would expect from allure magazine, Helbig adds a bit of her own humor and life experiences to her explanations to keep readers interested and entertained.

The most profound advice Helbig has to offer her readers is career advice. She explains that she is known to be “workaholic”, and was unaware of the toll it took on her until she was so emotionally, and physically exhausted from over committing herself to too many things.

As an audience member of YouTube, fans don’t really see the effort and hard work that goes into filming and editing daily videos. Helbig dabbles in her personal life and how the stress of maintaining her YouTube image led to her struggling with anxiety. She also provides some proactive approaches to dealing with anxiety.

Fans of Daily Grace love and adore Helbig’s mother, and are delighted by her appearances in Grace’s videos from time to time. So Helbig incorporated her mother into the book, by quoting a sentence of her “mother’s words of wisdom” at the end of each chapter.

Not many Youtubers choose to bare it all with their fans, but Helbig has, and even more so dared to print it in a book. While The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up is not a biography, it is a witty read that gives insight to a more tangible side of Grace Helbig and explores the journey of a young adult.