Green Arrow hits his mark in Vol.5 of comic relaunch

Gavin Moore, Contributing Writer

Oliver Queen’s badass alter ego, Green Arrow, has been busy, from CW’s “Arrow” on TV to the “Trinity War,” an 11-issue comic book story arc.

His new start in The New 52 (a relaunch by DC Comics of its entire line of superhero books) was a bit rocky – that is until Green Arrow Vol 5: the Outsiders War. This is where the new writers and new artistic team stepped in and took over. Jeff Lemire is the writer, Andrea Sorrentino is the artist and Marcelo Maliolo is the colorist.

The new team starts out tackling huge characters like Shado, Komodo, Robert Queen, and several other big Green Arrow characters. The comic starts out on a bit of a tangent during the events of the Riddler’s attack on Gotham that took place during Batman: Zero Year.

Moira Queen is stuck in a Queen industries Gotham building during a massive power outage and rioting in the streets. The rioting that spills into the building puts Moira’s life in danger. Then comes in the recently returned Oliver Queen in a green hood, with a bow and arrows.

He saves his mother’s life but also meets Gotham’s dark knight, Batman. This is Queen’s first real night as a vigilante and Batman can tell that he is acting like an amateur. There is not a lot of dialogue but what is there is snappy.

The actual story begins with a more experienced Oliver Queen and his full team Arrow. Shado breaks into the “Arrow Cave” and tells Queen that they must return to the island where he was shipwrecked and received his training.

At first he is reluctant but they go in search of the Arrow totem, an item of great power and sought after by several powerful players.

There they meet a man long thought dead, but to find out, read Green Arrow. This book is fantastic and definitely better than the other 4 volumes of the new 52 Green Arrow.