Anti perspirant destructive to the Endocrine System

February 27, 2015

It is an American custom to be overly hygienic when it comes to body odor, and it may be causing you more harm than good to participate in the habits of a highly hygienic society.

Understandably the scent of body odor is un-pleasant, causing Americans to want to mask and even eliminate their natural body odor. Unbeknownst to them they could be causing themselves a great deal of harm in the long run by using an antiperspirant.

The goal of an antiperspirant is to minimalize or diminish the amount of toxins the person’s sweat glands produce particularly in the under arm area. This is harmful because an antiperspirant temporarily plugs the sweat ducts, disrupting the body’s natural excretion of toxics through the endocrine system.

For women there is a fear that antiperspirants cause them a greater risk of lymphatic damage, do to cuts that may occur when shaving. Which could act as an entry way into the blood stream, and intern cause a greater blockage of the endocrine’s system.

There have been reports of men and women who have seen contact dermatitis, which is an infection of the hair follicle that causes blistering, rash, redness, peeling, and oozing of the skin, from antiperspirants and deodorants. Which are caused by certain chemicals in the product.

Predominately the fragrance enhancing chemicals cause contact dermatitis, but are still harmful to this sensitive skin area.

While both antiperspirant and deodorants block the natural function of the endocrine system there are alternative ways to de-odorize sweat, that are not harmful to your under arm skin or stop endocrine functions. Natural remedies include; wiping lemon juice in the armpit to kill bacteria that causes odor, along with mixing baking soda and water together and rubbing it under the arm.

Over time you’re the body adjusts itself from the switch to natural deodorants and allows a normal production of sweat.

Whether you’re feeling a little “European” about your hygienic choices, or just want try a natural solution there are many alternative options to antiperspirants and deodorants, that might just help out the endocrine system.


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