Spiderverse: a World to Marvel in

A Graphic Novel series that brings Spider-man back to our universe

Gavin Moore, Contributing Writer

The spider-verse is an intense tangled web of multidimensional beings surviving by eating the souls of those who hold the power of the spider, or spider totems as they’re referred to. But to us it means spider-men and women from across the multiverse. This multiverse is woven by the master weaver, slave to the multi-dimensional beings. This family is composed of the most powerful beings in nearly every universe.

The father is Solus, the mother is dead and unnamed, but the real villains start off to be the children of these two. Sons, in  descending order of age, Thanis, Malos, Morlun, Daemos, (believes himself responsible for the death of his mother) Karm, the estranged one, and lastly Jennix. The sisters are twins, Malos, Mortia, then the younger under Morlun, Bora, and the older to Jennix, Verna.  Morlun is the main antagonist for most of the story.  He is particular about his spiders and is saving the most spider-totem populated universe, universe 616. The hunt for the spider-totems has been going on for thousands of years but now the danger is more imminent. The spiders from across the multiverse are uniting to end the hunt.

There are two major comic arcs in the spider-verse, The Amazing Spider-man and the Superior Spider-man. The Superior spider-man story however, is more of a supplementary story arc, chronicling the uniting of even more spiders.  And for those who are unaware, the common storyline followed with the amazing spider-man takes place on earth 616.

The variety of spider-people gives this expansive and complex story plenty of cool dynamics to explore, from the spider-man of the first animated series, spider-ham, noir, steampunk spider-lady,  Miles Morales, 2099, all of them are just as witty as the original which makes for hilarious banter. Because the story jumps between universes the art style is various but each style is different in either subtle ways or huge ways which makes the readers feel more like they are in a different universe. It makes the story more and more interesting.

The amazing spider-man storyline is the main arc, the Superior is the supplemental addition to this spider-verse adventure, I definitely recommend this to fans of the earth 616 or any other friendly neighborhood/ or interdimensional Spider-man