Not That Kind of Girl

Lena Dunham- Not that kind of author either.

Aaryn Kornbau, Staff Writer

As the title states Lena Dunham is “Not That Kind of Girl” and evidently she’s not that kind of author either. In the preface of this book Ms. Dunham explains that the book will not be an advisory book but, a collection of her stories, telling readers of weird and unusual situations she’s gotten herself into. While she claims that most stories don’t end in “that’s the morale of the story sagas”, she certainly doesn’t hold up to fully telling any of the stories fully either.

The book is filled with abrupt story endings, that don’t even have clear intros or beginnings. The style of writing was jumpy and inconclusive. The reader seems to think that if they continue to the next chapter maybe they’ll find a piece of information they were missing in the previous chapter but that doesn’t happen. Collectively the book is just 288 pages of nonsense, not to mention the five pages with back to back nutritional diet logs for a chapter.

If anything this book would appear to be a compilation of bad comedy sketches, mixed with personal memorabilia that only exposes and humiliates the author. Throughout the book though a supporting theme is an unsatisfactory adolescent sex life, which was meant to draw readers in and add reliability, but personally it made me feel sorry for her.

In the first few chapters that she mentions her college sexual experiences and its’ as if Ms. Dunham has never been informed about mutual consent. In one chapter she writes waking up to partner not using a condom, as if it were funny and only later states that her friend told her she was raped and she laughed out loud. Comedy maybe Ms. Dunham’s job, but things that will never be funny are rape jokes/sketches and making light of rape.

“Not that kind of Girl” is a few years worth of her dairy entries that shouldn’t have been published. The train of thought was sloppy, the story structure wasn’t fluid, and lastly rape was not seriously addressed. This book is not funny or worth the read.

0-5 stars