Anthem Tea and Coffee, reinventing cafe scene

Trisha Frey/ Staff Photo

Seattle coffee shop revolutionizing traditional establishment by serving coffee, tea, beer and wine

Anthem Coffee and Tea, a centrally located coffee shop in Tacoma, has a fresh new take on the traditional café.

Right across the street from the University of Washington campus, the shop provides free wi-fi, a comfortable place to get some studying done and chat with friends. The shop is small, and customers might find themselves a bit crowded on a busy day.

Anthem Coffee serves all the traditional coffee shop fare including teas, coffees and pastries, and also offers a selection of beer and wine. Anthem has six beers on tap, most local or from the Pacific Northwest. They also carry wines from the area.

The café carries a small amount of food, most commonly sandwiches and breakfast pastries. Anthem is currently working with a chef to develop a larger, more intricate menu.

The price of drinks is comparable to nearby Starbucks, but the quality is much better. A 16-ounce chai tea latte cost about $4 and tasted better than their corporate competitor. Instead of the chai latte at Starbucks that tastes mostly of steamed milk, this drink has more of an identifiable tea flavor.

Mochas costs about $4.50 and have the decadence a rich hot chocolate. The espresso is prominent, but the chocolate tastes authentic and not like powdered mix or chocolate flavoring. Dark chocolate fans will definitely enjoy the Anthem mocha.

What really made the Anthem experience enjoyable was the atmosphere in the café. The tables, chairs and bar were made of weathered wood. The interior design made use of various cream and white colors as well as browns, greys, and blacks.

The brightness in the room predominantly came from the art of the customer. The tables and even the bar are made of chalkboard, which allow patrons to draw, write, and be otherwise expressive while enjoying their beverages and food. Anthem also offers live music, and a bible study on Thursday nights for people ages eighteen to thirty.

Anthem will be having their official grand opening on March 2, where band Roman Holiday will be headlining at 9 p.m. Potential customers can find Anthem Coffee and Tea at 1911 Pacific Ave, Tacoma. They are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends.

Written by: Joie Sullivan