Playstation 4 Versus Xbox One: A review

Xbox one vs. PS4Austin Lewis Staff Writer

Both consoles offer a superior gaming and entertainment experience, but the slight differences between them are what give each one individuality

This Winter both Microsoft and Sony launched their newest consoles, officially beginning the next generation of console gaming. Microsoft launched the Xbox One, the third console in their Xbox line, and Sony launched the Playstation 4, the fourth console in their Playstation line. Both consoles are fairly similar tech-wise, but the differences lie in their game market, pricing, and operating systems.

The Xbox one is priced at $500. It comes packaged with the console, a controller and headset, and the new version of Microsoft’s popular motion sensor called the Kinect. The operating system is similar to Windows 8, and it allows the user to operate it with only hand movement thanks to the Kinect.

The Playstation 4 is priced at $400. It comes with the console, and a controller and headset. The operating system of the Playstation has a minimalistic feel and bears resemblance to Sony’s previous system, the Playstation 3.

While the Xbox One is $100 more expensive than the Playstation 4, it’s important to note that the Xbox One comes with the new Kinect, whereas the Playstation 4 comes with only the console and a controller.

Another factor to consider when thinking about purchasing either one is the game market. Playstation 4 has started out with a strong online store, offering popular indie games at lower prices than the third party AAA titles such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The Xbox One also has an online game store, but it hasn’t been being updated as fast as the Playstation’s, so it focuses more on the larger AAA titles.

Both systems offer online multiplayer experiences, but these can only be used if you subscribe to each system’s online service. A year of PSN, Playstation’s online service, will run $50, and a year of Xbox Live, the Xbox one’s online service, will run $60. These services are also nice because both Sony and Microsoft give away free games each month to the subscribers of their service. However, Sony seems to be giving away more games to their customer’s for each month of service.

Both systems also offer entertainment experiences as well. Both systems allow you to connect to popular Entertainment sites such as Netflix, and Hulu Plus, but the Xbox One offers a greater experience with it’s ability to connect with your TV Box and control it through the Xbox.

Overall, the Playstation is focused more on games and providing games to customers and offers a fairly basic entertainment system, Where the Xbox tries to offer a higher entertainment experience along with their gaming experience. Both systems offer a quality gaming and entertainment experience, and while they specialize in different aspects, they are both worth taking a look at.


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