Gaming computers an attractive alternative to new consoles

Daniel Konicek Staff Writer

It is an exciting time for console gamers with the new consoles hitting the shelves, but more than ever gaming computers are becoming a more viable option for the committed gamer. Computers are compatible with any console controller, online vendors offer games for a much smaller price and, unlike new consoles, computers have the largest game library of any machine.

Steam is the current leader in PC gaming, and for good reason. They offer sales every week, with new games like Tomb Raider or Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance up to 75 percent off. Steam has also unveiled a series of pre-built computers called Steam Machines manufactured by over a dozen different tech companies at different power and price ranges, included with their operating system and a Steam controller. For those looking to have more control, one can purchase and put together their own computer from parts, with countless guides and tutorials online on how to do it.

A gaming computer consists of only a few specific components, and in terms of price for quality this is a good time to buy them. Newer games require a good processor and graphics card, and for $150 each one can run most new games at the max graphical settings, and for a bit more the computer should be set for several years. The hard drive, case, disc drive, and power source will vary on an individual user’s needs, but prices shouldn’t reach above 200 for everything with a rugged setup. A windows operating system usually runs about $100, but one can run on Linux for free until you can afford something else, and as long as a TV has an HDMI port one can use that instead of a monitor.

So when looking at entering into the gaming world, a gaming PC is becoming a better option every day. With the new consoles only having a handful of games released so far, gamers lacking in an old console and game library would be foolish to ignore a gaming PC.