Take a trip down the line at Lakewood’s AAA


The AAA Buffet just off of exit 127 has a unique and diverse spread of great quality Asian quinine at a low price.

At only $8.99 for lunch and $12.99 for dinner a lower quality of food might be expected, but this buffet is beating the stereotype providing customers with anything from a full Mongolian barbecue to a variety of sushi rolls, dumplings and the more traditional Asian buffet entrees.

From the outside, the establishment looks like a department store as it is the biggest front in the small strip of stores, and the name itself does not exhibit the quality found inside. Just in the door there is a front counter at which customers purchase the number of buffets their party will be eating.

There are long tables elaborately decorated with the wide variety of food, and groups of tables to the left and right making up two separated dinning areas. On the right side there is also a stage with small-multicolored LEDs presumably set for some sort of karaoke or game show event.

The atmosphere is what the customer makes of it. Since there is no formal service, they can take their time making trips to the buffet and enjoying the company they brought with them.

Though the entire buffet is impressive, there are three unique, main features that should be recognized. The first is the table of sushi. Each roll is different, and the sushi chefs are left to their own creativity, so the customer may see as many as 20 different rolls during one visit to this establishment.

Anything from the simple California rolls to elaborate smoked fish rolls can be seen at this table.

A second feature is the dumpling and soup table. They have four different varieties of dumpling including wontons, pork dumplings and sticky buns. The soups are on the same table in double boilers; they have egg drop, sweet and sour and wonton soups.

The last, and probably most impressive feature that makes this buffet unique would be the Mongolian barbecue. They have a table filled with raw vegetables and meats that customers can choose from and give to the cook to sauté on the flat top.

There are peppers, onion, pineapple, and different types of cabbage. The meats include shrimp, beef, chicken and pork chopped into small piece. The cook or grill master will sauté the vegetables and meats with the appropriate sauce and hand it back when he is finished.

The flavors in this dish are fantastic. I got the fresh shrimp in the sauté and they were cooked perfectly.

The layout, execution and foods contained in this buffet are extraordinary. The restaurant is a professionally run establishment and I intend to frequent it. If readers have any suggestions or ideas for future reviews please send them into the pioneer and email me at danielbryceconrad@me.com.