Game Breaking Bug in Pokémon: X/Y Resolved

Anna Rhee Contributing Writer

The much anticipated Pokémon X&Y game is here, and what better way to ruin the experience than to have a game breaking bug?

Players who save their progress in Lumiose City, the main city in the game, would find that the game would freeze and they would not be able to move the character, thus preventing people from progressing in the story.

Lucy O’Brian on says that players in Europe and Japan would need to delete their current game, start all over again, and avoid saving in Lumiose City for safe measures. For hardcore fans of the Pokémon franchise, this would be the equivalent of writing a college thesis and saving it for the night only to find that the document had deleted all your hard work and progress.

Luckily Nintendo recently has recognized this bug and has decided to address it. Eddie Makuch on informs us that Nintendo has apologized for this “rare” occurrence and has offered players a free downloadable patch on the Nintendo Support page that will allow players to resume their previous saved files.

While this glitch was very frustrating to people who spent their hard earned money on this long awaited masterpiece, it is a good sign that Nintendo recognized this issue in just under two weeks since its release date on October 12th. But 2 weeks is a rather extensive wait for fans of the Pokémon games to have full confidence in saving their progress. Having to start a game all over one or more times is an awful experience when you have already put a good amount of time in choices and it feels like a waste of time.

The glitch and all its features are all hopefully behind us and fellow Pokémon fans can just laugh about the whole thing. This is also an important lesson for Nintendo. They have seen for themselves potential bugs such as this one can occur, and now they will be able to keep an eye out for them in the coming years and find ways to prevent them.

The important thing is that the developers were able to fix it, rending the game playable once more and enriching the players experience as they explore, discover, and have a great time in their quest.