Seattle Sounders lose 1-4 against Vancouver Whitecaps

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Austin Lewis Features and Sports Editor

Seattle Sounders lose second game in a row, causing distress for the fans and the players

On Wednesday, October 4th the Seattle Sounders faced off against the Vancouver White Caps for the third time this season. Unfortunately they lost 1-4, making this the second loss in a row.sounders_people

The White Caps scored their first two goals before halftime, And then got a third goal before the sounders got their first goal at the 69th minute by Mauro Rosales, followed by the White Caps scoring their 4th and final goal at the 82nd minute.

This makes the second loss in a row for the Sounders, but they’re hoping to redeem themselves on October 12th against the Portland Timbers. So far they have twenty wins, fourteen loses, and 8 draws for the season.

The game wasn’t a complete disappointment though. One of the team’s players, Steve Zanguki, returned to the field for the first time after five months. Zanguki has been struggling with rehabilitation after an injury but was happy to be able to play.

The Sounders also had huge fan support going on during the entire game. Huge flags were waved throughout the entire game sporting the Sounder’s colors and the there were specialized cheers sung throughout the entire game to help egg on the sounders.

sounders_bannerPierce students were able to purchase tickets at a discounted price of $12 from the student life center, and they were sold out by the morning of the game day. Quite a few Pierce College students made the trip out to support their Seattle soccer team.

While there was some obvious disappointment with the loss all throughout the crowd some of the students talked about what how they felt about the match. “Our goalie was not on his game tonight” said Manuel Ortiz. After the game had ended, Sysco Velazquez commented that the game was a “Duel to the end, a tough game but well worth it.”

Even though the Sounders have suffered two loses in a row they are determined to win these next three games in October and break out of this losing streak.