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On the latest music scene, Justin Martin

Kristoffer Hayward Staff Writer

Striking out on his own, Justin Martin is booking his own gigs and gathering momentum on the local scene. j.martin_

Though Martin is still with Oh Dear!, he has recently started making music on his own. Some people may recognize Martin as a student at Pierce College, and his success with booking local gigs started in early 2009 under the band Oh Dear! And started being a solo musician this year.

Martin has no agent currently, doing the booking himself, and has just come back from his west coast tour “awake or just a dream”. The album has a combination of sad and melancholy lyrics offset with brighter and upbeat instrumentals. As Swoon, the label that picked Martin up, describes as melancholy folk-rock.

By booking himself and following his music, Martin has found a place in a local record label named Swoon as well as lining up a number of gigs in October. Martin had taken classes with Evin Lambert, a music teacher at Pierce College and has since started to gain local popularity. The current album, released in early August, features six songs and can be found anywhere from the Swoon website, i-tunes, or Amazon.

Beyond his budding solo career, Martin is still with Oh Dear! and they plan to keep making their music as a band. Martin said that it took some time to get his confidence up to be lead guitar and vocalist, as he was background guitar in the band Oh Dear!. Though he has recently found the spotlight for himself, he doesn’t seem to be shy in it and grows bolder when he plays.

Having seven more gigs to play until 2014, there’s plenty of chances to see Martin in action. Event dates and related musicians can be found online.