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Pierce students enjoy a tulip festival

May 23, 2013

Sabina Imbragimova
Staff Writer

Tulip FestivalOn April 20, Pierce College International students had a great opportunity to experience the beauty of Mt. Vernon by taking a ride to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  Over 29 years, the Skagit Valley has stunned many visitors with its remarkable view to the colorful fields of tulips. Indeed, the beauty of those fields could hardly be compared with anything in Tacoma or Lakewood, it could be seen as a landmark of the Washington state.

The Festival was held the entire month of April, to celebrate charming jewels of the valley with the array of various tulip events and the tulip-viewing opportunities. The festival has become one of the main and biggest events throughout the Washington state, and has attracted over 300,000 and 400,000 visitors from across the country. Once they arrive, they are treated to between 400 and 700 acres of tulips of all colors and varieties, based on the

Many international students who had a chance to see this wonderful excursion first hand, found this activity pretty exciting for both college and family trips. Throughout the trip 33 students along with two officers from the International Office: Bebhinn Horrigan and Chiharu Hariya were involved. The roundtrip towards the Tulip Festival took in general four hours, plus students visited the Outlet Mall to buy some snacks and just hang out.

When students and officers arrived on a school bus to the Tulip Festival, they were stunned by the beauty of the red, yellow, white, purple, pink, orange and various kinds of fields. It was amazing how everyone was spread to different parts of the fields, once they stepped outside of the bus. “I was shocked by the flood of people occupying the Festival.” Andre Ren, student from Russia says. Adding that the Hindu culture was well respresented.

While some students were spread around various fields of tulips, and took pictures of those wonderful flowers, some of them visited souvenir stores and flower booths. Students got a very good deal on the bouquets of tulip flowers, buy 4 get one free. Thus, mostly everyone got at least one bouquet when they were back to the bus.

Souvenir stores were able to sell postcards picturing Mt. Vernon and tulips, mugs and candles with the scent of tulips. Many noticed various creative things made out of dry tulip flowers.

Moreover for many people it was hard to find food, thus many booths of lunch were placed around the Festival. It was very handy having everything in one place, however turned out to be pricey.

When it was time to get back to the bus, students were heading towards the Outlet Mall to shop for one hour. It was indeed a long way to the Mt. Vernon, however the trip turned out to be amazing! It has given to many positive mood and while back students were still discussing the beauty of the Tulip Festival.

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