start off spring quarter with a game of intramural soccer

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Joseph Henrickson
Staff Writer

Every Monday and Wednesday there are approximately 35 people that get together at the HEC for some friendly competition.  From noon to 2 p.m. the gym becomes a recreational soccer facility and the fun begins.

Intramural soccer is a sport that is played in a college with no competition involved, but is played just for fun. Intramural Soccer is going on right now at the HEC building, and all students are invited to play. The environment is known to become intense and fun while playing.

You don’t have to be the next Seattle Sounder to play, you just have to be available and willing.

Show up at the HEC and ask for Doug Carlson or Jorge Cruz, the Intramural Coordinator, for more information.

You can also sign up at the Student Life Office and start your journey of excitement, exercise and competition in a sport that you love.  Currently there are four teams that play, but more are wanted and all one must do is sign up.

Two teams compete in a 40 minute match that consists of two halves lasting 20 minutes each.  The field runs the full length of the gym so you won’t have to worry about getting enough exercise.

As 16 people take the field [eight per team] you can imagine the fast-paced, high energy atmosphere that is created.

Students have a blast with this high flying, fun and intense sport. The time will fly by while bringing out one’s inner athlete.  Get out to the HEC and play!