Coffee Comparison: quality local coffee for busy students

Healani Brennan
Staff Writer

For most college students, coffee is a staple used to get through the day. School coffee is convenient but never tastes as good as it should.

Some local shops take only a couple minutes to drive to, and are worth it for a latte that doesn’t taste like coffee-flavored water.

The Two Teaspoons Café is a cozy coffee shop located in waterside Steilacoom with a brilliant view of the Puget Sound and mountains. An outside deck is available for customers to sit and look out on the water while enjoying a hot cup of joe.

For people that love stronger coffee with less sugary syrup, this is the place to go. Its coffee is of a much better quality than the highly caloric drinks offered by competitors, and it is also more affordable.

At the Two Teaspoons, people have the option to get their coffee to go or in a cup that allows for lounging around.

The service is also great, a rare quality these days. Along with coffee, patrons can purchase muffins and sandwiches made fresh daily.

For individuals that don’t have a taste for coffee, the hot chocolate has a spectacular, rich chocolate flavor. There is no strange aftertaste as one will find with most coffee chains, and it is actually fudgy-tasting.

Another local stop with top-notch coffee is Panera Bread, located at the Towne Center. Most food chains don’t have great coffee, especially Starbucks, but Panera brews a sweeter, better tasting coffee.

Strong flavors are not for everyone. Some people do like more flavoring, and Panera Bread will surely satisfy those individuals. Their iced coffee is just as good as the hot, and they also offer teas and sodas if one is looking for non-caffeinated drinks.

Black Bear Yogurt’s selection blends nicely with their frozen yogurt. The flavor choices are minimal but are affordable and taste good.

Their coffee is similar to Panera Bread, but their location is closer to campus—located across from Albertson’s. They also have a nice combination of hot and cold tastes when one purchases both frozen yogurt and coffee, even offering ‘yogato’ which mixes espresso with frozen yogurt.