‘Wreck-it Ralph’ breaks box office on its opening weekend

Disney’s current hit inspires nostalgia with an innovative take on video game classics

Tamara Kelly
Staff Writer 

An animated adventure movie proves to audiences that cartoons aren’t just for kids in Disney’s current enterprise “Wreck-it Ralph”.

A throwback to classic arcade games, the film is set almost entirely within the digital world. When Ralph, played by John C. Reilly, is conflicted by his role as the bad guy in the game “Fix-It Felix”, he decides to find a way to become the hero.

Ralph jumps into the action story “Hero’s Duty” in the hopes of winning a metal and proving himself as more than a simple villain. Here Ralph encounters a take-charge character named Sergeant Calhoun, voiced by Jane Lynch.

During his escape from “Hero’s Duty”, Ralph crash lands in a candy-themed racing game called “Sugar Rush”. There he meets Sarah Silverman’s character, Vanellope von Schweetz, and as the interaction between the two of them plays out, an impressive comic rapport develops.

An unexpected alliance is formed between Vanellope and Ralph as the two misfits are forced to work together to win the “Sugar Rush” race and defeat King Candy, played by Alan Tudyk.

In the meantime, the hero of Ralph’s game of origin, Felix [voiced by Jack McBrayer], enlists the help of Sergeant Calhoun and goes searching for Ralph in order to stop his own realm from being unplugged. Calhoun must help keep “Sugar Rush” from being destroyed by a game invader.

This animation movie is a treat for children and adults alike, bringing an even blend of bitter but sweet storylines with just the right mix of comedy and sarcasm.

Despite its excitement and unique plot twists, the movie offers limited nostalgia, only touching lightly on the video game forum. Ultimately, the setup used mostly as a backdrop to the story’s underlying and family-friendly theme of acceptance and discovering self-identity.

Whether you’re an informed gamer or just a movie-going parent, this story proves to be delightfully entertaining for both the young and old alike.