‘Wicked’ shows audiences a new side to the land of OZ

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Broadway adaption of famous book comes to Seattle to dazzle audience with references to classic ‘The Wizard of OZ’

Healani Brennan
Staff Writer 

The popular Broadway production of the novel “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire, does not fail to entertain. The show is not the most accurate depiction of the novel, but rather creates a more colorful song-inspiring show.

The play takes place in Oz and tells a different story from before Dorothy came around. Mainly the storyline focuses on Elphaba, the wicked witch of the west, and how she came to be wicked. Underlying political tones from the novel become apparent in the production as well with the outcast of the animals of Oz.

The two main characters, Elphaba and Glinda, have strong personalities that are kept consistent throughout. The actresses portraying each, Dee Roscioli (Elphaba) and Patti Murin (Glinda) shine through and hit every note with power and perfection.

Murin portrays Glinda as more of a goofy character than she is like in the book which makes for tons of laughter and comic relief in intense scenes. She turns the smallest sentences into moments of hilarity with little effort but is touching and heartfelt in the strong scenes in which her and Elphaba have to take different pathways of good and evil.

Dee Roscioli in the role of Elphaba is more similar to the book version in that she is sarcastic and sardonic. Roscioli’s depiction of Elphaba’s emotions from her relationship to her father, to the worry she feels for the animals of Oz is spot on.

All of the credit does not go to just the two main characters though. Cliffton Hall as love-struck Fiyero shined through on the number “Dancing through life” and had audience members swooning by the end of the number.

For people that know the original Wizard of Oz story and have seen the movie will enjoy the many references to the original that are thrown in. Lines such as “there’s no place like home” are subtly put in and one can hear the scatters of giggles in the audience from the recognition of the line.

The production of Wicked at the Paramount Theatre is playing through Nov. 17 and is worth the time and money. The cast is wonderfully put together and it’s a fun event for the whole family to attend.