These are the faces of fun at Pierce

They spend their time dreaming up ways to make each week something special for their peers

Anne Hammond / Staff Photographer

Yajahira Parham

Special Events Coordinator

Parham hopes to surpass event attendance goals, attract students who don’t normally attend events and create new events.

Last year she worked as an Entertainment and Recreation coordinator for Student Life.

“Planning events is like a piece of pie for me now,” says Parham. “I definitely like going all out.”

As an organizer and planner at heart, she is also focused on her board goal of increasing attendance at all board events and activities.

She plans to earn an AA in dental hygiene and then continue at Pierce in a special program.

Anne Hammond / Staff Photographer

Kaela Belen

Issues and Awareness Coordinator

Belen organizes events that raise awareness for certain causes such as mental health, Breast Cancer Awareness and Hispanic heritage. Mental health is a priority for Belen.

“I want students to know where they can get help and know the resources and hopefully help people feel like they belong,” said Belen.

She hopes students feel like Pierce College is a community and a family where they can get to know each other, not just a school. She wants to help students build connections and feel happier as a result.

“I like to think big,” she said.

Belen wants students to remember an event. That it made an impact on them, they got something out of it and it helped them or a friend.

Belen is an education major who came from a large family and loves to cook.

Anne Hammond / Staff Photographer

Tracy Vo

Outreach Coordinator

Vo wants to create memories, opportunities for creativity, and attract new students to engage more in college so they learn how much Pierce College cares for them.

When students complete their college education, she wants them to leave with lots of good memories, in addition to knowledge. She feels that Student Life events can affect students in positive ways and increase their happiness.

“We can find more services for the students, such as the free bus pass,” says Vo.

Vo says she is passionate about what she is doing; she’s creative, very organized, a good learner and loves working with people.

“My strong point is that I’m an international student and I want to create new things that all students can enjoy,” says Vo. 

“People are curious about differences.”

Vo is studying business at Pierce College and ultimately will specialize in marketing elsewhere.

Anne Hammond / Staff Photographer

Dennis Johnson

Communications Coordinator

Johnson is in the digital design program, and is passionate about helping students with mental health by providing speakers, resources, and by increasing awareness of what exists.

“I just want to sit down and talk to people,” said Johnson. “Because a lot of people who suffer from depression don’t want to talk. They just keep to themselves and will be the ones hiding in the back of the room.”

During the first two days of classes he was personally walking lost students to their classes as part of the board’s ‘Welcome Days.’

Johnson’s also focused on improving the social media presence on Instagram, Facebook and possibly Twitter by updating it regularly and providing a lot of relevant content that’ll keep students up-to-date regarding events.

Johnson is enthusiastic about a campus cleanup effort, including a focus on trash, recycling, and landscaping.

“We are committed to the students,” says Johnson.

Anne Hammond / Staff Photographer

Taimane Rice

Entertainment and Recreation 


Rice is studying digital design, and has creative ideas on how to broaden the variety of students at events.

“I want to ensure that we create a platform that accommodates both Running Start students but also students who may just want to come by on the way to class, who probably have to go pick up their kids later and maybe have a job as well,” says Rice.

She wants to entice more people to sporting events, including those held off campus.

Rice has exciting plans for an international Passport Café with free drinks and tables with treats.

She grew up in a big family where her mom entertained, then she became a wedding planning assistant for her aunt.

“After a while I ended up becoming her right hand,” says Rice. “She put that little bug in me to want to be able to plan things.

“I like that ability to be able to affect somebody so much that even years later they’ll remember it,” says Rice. 

Kaitie Ferencik

Promotions Coordinator

As a digital design student, Ferencik creates constantly -- all the posters, flyers, handbills, and the quarterly event calendar.

“The calendar has a list of all the events that Student Life holds which is really cool because almost every single one of them has free food, free resources, giveaways, games, things that they can do,” says Ferencik.

She’s looking forward to creating three very different calendars – fall, winter, and spring – that are gender-neutral, and easy to read and navigate.

Ferencik is also making sure that all promotional material is posted in ways that students can access it.

“Our biggest issue is reaching certain demographics of students, like students that take online classes or nighttime classes,” says Ferencik. “I’d really like to create promotional banners for Canvas. We have a very large demographic of people that are not right-out-of-high-school college students, so our goal is finding events that they would like to go to as well as students that are just out of high school.”