4 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on a Budget

Being environmentally cautious can be pricey, but fortunately there are a few ways that you can help

The health and wellbeing of the planet is a current hot topic that has people asking what they can do to make a difference. But if you’re on a budget, doing this can be difficult. Below is a list of four things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Just doing one of these can make an environmental difference.

Recycling and Reusing

Recycling doesn’t make as big of a difference as people think, as it doesn’t do much for reducing waste. However, when you save and reuse objects, as well as give unwanted items a new life, then it makes a bigger difference than recycling does by itself. For example, objects such as jars and old shirts can be used for things like storing food or making shirts into a shopping bag and reusable makeup wipes.


Buy things used, doing this can save you money and save plastic products from making its way into landfills earlier than needed. Join groups like BuyNothing on Facebook and post your unneeded things for others to have and ask for thing you need. People tend to have things laying around that they don’t need and giving them to others save it from being thrown out.

Sharing / Renting

Share clothes, movies, games and other things with your friends and family, or even rent them. This way you can save money while also reducing the amount of plastic products you buy. You have a pair of shoes that just sit in your closet, let your friend that has a party to go to borrow them, now they are getting some use out for them and saving your friend from buying a new pair.

Buy Reusable Replacements

Save up to replace your one use plastic products, replace your razor with a safety razor and replace Saran Wrap with bees wax cloth and use solid soaps in place of bottled soap. Find ways to reduce your everyday plastic waste and after paying for a reusable produce you’ll eventually save money by not having to buy one use plastic products.

If you can not do some of these things do not beat yourself up for it, everyone has different circumstances that may contribute to not being able to meet their minimal waste goals. Even just supporting companies and elected officials that want to make a difference helps. Do what you can with what you have, future generations will thank you for it.

Abri Wilson / Staff Illustrator