Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Jesus Contreras / Staff Photographer
Fully painted awareness pumpkin!

It’s that time of the year. The middle of the first quarter, when midterms are almost upon students, along with Halloween, and everyone could use a chance to unwind and have some fun. 

This is what many students could be found doing on Wednesday afternoon outside the cafeteria, for the Breast Cancer Awareness event. With the room decked out in pink decorations, tables, and music playing, it’s enough to make anyone want to join in. 

Since the first organized event recognizing breast cancer in 1985, awareness has been wide-spread globally, with October now officially being National Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

Michelle Adams, a student who attended the event said, “I think this is fabulous and a great representation of supporting women and their health.” 

There were also many arts and crafts to catch students’ attention at the event. Jaida Noble, a student at Pierce, said, “What drew me to the event was I get to paint pumpkins.” Many students could be found excitedly painting and decorating their own pumpkin, or even getting henna tattoos.  

Another part of the event that drew many people in was all the food available. With muffins and donuts, not many people would want to pass up on stopping by for some snacks in between classes. Kayla Belen, one of the coordinators of this event, and a student at Pierce, stated how this event happened last year as well.

Lots of thought and planning going into each of the student-led activities at Pierce. Belen mentioned how the organization of this particular event has been going on since August. Student leaders work together to do their best at providing valuable opportunities for students to meet new people, while participating in fun activities.

The Breast Cancer Awareness event offered a great opportunity for students to socialize with friends in a fun environment. It also gave everyone a chance to unwind and take a break from the vigor of their classes, while showing awareness for a disease that affects so many women across the globe.