Golf-Scramble Scholarship

Matt Wuscher / Staff Photographer
"The Home Course" in Dupont

Pierce College held their 26th annual Golf Scramble this year at the Home Course in DuPont.

The annual Pierce College Golf Scramble scholarship has come and gone for another successful turnout. The Pierce College Foundation has put on this annual event for the 26th time, with the purpose of raising money for students to help aid them while attending. Among the beneficiaries include those exploring fields that venture through math, science, engineering, plus many more. 

Aug. 15 met the fundraiser with clear skies and warm weather, setting the perfect stage to golf. This was the first year the fundraiser was held at the Home Course in DuPont. Nicole Ferris from the Pierce Foundation was nothing short of great in putting this fundraiser together, helping raise over forty thousand for the students of Pierce College.

With that, credit is also owed to the sponsors who played a major role in this event. Not just for donating their time to Pierce College, but for being more than excited to be a part of the event. Casey Debow of Right!Systems mentioned that it was a great environment, Debow having never missed an event to this day. The strong encouragement of sponsors is just another reminder that this brings the community together.

Matt Wuscher / Staff Photographer
Raider Bird makes special appearance

One of the biggest supporters of the annual Golf Scramble scholarship is chancellor Michele Johnson. Johnson showed much enthusiasm when mentioning how she is the only one to play in all 26 events over the years. She did not hesitate in saying that the students are what keeps her participating year after year.

There were many key positions played by participants to help make this a great first year at the Home Course. One key role included the staff of the Home Course such as Ashley Sihachack, an alumni of Pierce. Sihachack helped with the flow of the event, helping participants and Pierce volunteers by answering questions and providing directions.

Amongst that, Sihachack went on to mention that she saw an increase in the number of participants for the event. “The fundraiser was clearly well planned and provides a welcoming environment,” she added. “Not only that, but Pierce showed real initiative.”

Students of Pierce College are amongst the volunteers that participated in this fundraiser, including students Han Duong and William Wasson. Duong felt that the most important thing to tell those unaware of the fundraiser is that it’s a benefit for the students. For those interested in participating next year, Wasson adds that Student Life is the best way to get involved.

The 26th annual golf-scramble Pierce Scholarship fundraiser was definitely one for the books. Helping raise over forty thousand dollars for the students their students. Pierce College continues to show their support and ambition to help students along in their college careers. For more information, click here.