Fried food is not the only option any more

Watermelon is one of the many healthy choices that can be found in the cafeteria on a daily basis, although watermelon is not the only fruit that can be found in the cafeteria. Fruit cups cost roughly $2-$3.

Students are offered a wider variety of foods in the campus cafeteria
Andrea Bell
Staff Writer
Rushing around between classes there is no time to run to the store to pick up a lunch, meaning it’s home packed or cafeteria.

The cafeteria food is reasonably priced but not always the healthiest option. The majority of the food coming from “The College Grill” and the food making up that menu the typical fries, grilled cheese and hamburgers.

Great as a quick fix for any hungry student, but are students sacrificing the convenience for nutrition?

The cafeteria offers many healthy options such as salads, and sandwiches, as well as daily soups. However these tend cost more than the value deals on the menu at “The College Grill”. Although mildly more nutritious it hurts a college students wallet a little more.

The cafeteria also offers noodle dishes; these too are slightly more expensive. However, with a wider variety of veggies and meats added to the noodles this provides one with a wider variety of nutrients.

Besides the main dishes the cafeteria also offers fruit and vegetable cups as well as humus, which is a vegetarian spread that offers a great source of protein.

These too are on the pricey side meaning they range from two to three dollars and they are just side dishes they wouldn’t be filling.

The food choices being limited will almost always come down to something from the grill, because they are way cheaper, and who doesn’t love a big order of salty fries after or between classes. However, with out even adding a drink the food can already bump one up close to their daily caloric intake level.

Drinks are a completely different ball field. The cafeteria offers many different types of drinks, from soda to water and everything in-between. Soda isn’t the best thing to wash the fries down with however because it just adds to the fatty sugary intake.

Cafeteria is the easiest place to buy food for a busy college student, but as with any fast foods they should be enjoyed in moderation as like anything else. So don’t be afraid to change it up every once in a while and try the fruit or salads, even sandwiches.