Student Life Revamps Campus Laser Tag Event

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Student Life Revamps Campus Laser Tag Event

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Tournament Features Half the Gear, but Double the Space

Jorge Higuera / Staff Photo
Dylan Harris, Student Ambassador from the Student Life office, watching for potential opponents during the individual free-for-all portion of the laser tag tournament at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom’s campus November 27, 2018.

Opposing teams gathered in front of camouflaged tents and listened intently to the rules of the competition.

Once the players were briefed, the referee activated red and blue laser guns and distributed them one by one.

Each team of five dispersed to their home bases to power up before starting the game.  Unlike traditional laser tag venues, no chest pieces were issued. Despite this bare-bones operation, the laser guns were high-tech, costing $2,000 a piece.

However, in comparison to the last Laser Tag Tournament at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom in 2016, this year it was significantly more budget-friendly and spacious, utilizing two rooms instead of one.

Jorge Higuera / Staff Photo
Halle Walker, Student Life’s Clubs and Organizations Senator, moves forward as she fires on opponents during Pierce College Fort Steilacoom campus’ laser tag tournament November 27, 2018.

Student Life pulled off this event under budget with innovative thinking from the Entertainment and Recreation Coordinator Yajahira Dominguez, accompanied by Special Events Coordinator Eli Ellis. Most of what took place during the event was Dominguez’s own ideas, Ellis added.

“We create a culture of doing things fresh, rather than using a cookie-cutter sheet of events that passed,”  said Ellis, who helped bring Dominguez’s plans to fruition.

There were five teams of five registered to play, but only four teams showed up. Only two teams competed at a time inside the dark room filled with strobe lights.

Competitors toted their G3 taggers, which had a maximum range of 100 yards. Light music played in the background as players from both teams engaged in laser combat. Josh Guidry, the equipment overseer and referee, determined the winning team.

Jorge Higuera / Staff Photo
Team Laminated (Top: Christian Brown, Zachary Gonzalez Bottom: Kennady Sawyer, Tate Talbot, Lydia Dahlke) won the team tournament during Pierce College Fort Steilacoom’s campus Laser Tag Tournament November 27, 2018.

Pierce College student Christian Brown, 16, was part of the winning team. He went on to compare his experience in the tournament to the Call of Duty video game series, saying, “It was a run-and-gun type deal” that contributed to his team’s success.

Student Life officers are hired annually, and it’s up to the new entertainment and recreation coordinator to decide if the laser tag event will happen again.

“The success of this event makes it a candidate for the future,” Ellis said.

This year’s tournament will go into Student Life’s binder of events as a reference for the up and coming entertainment and recreation coordinator. It’s up to them to modify or create their own way, as Dominguez has.

Watch a highlight video from the event!

Jorge Higuera / Staff Photos