Pierce golf club wants to start a college rivalry

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Washington colleges have agreed to a tournament

Last March, student Matthew Lollar started a golf club on campus. His idea: Compete against other schools in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).

“Competition is everything to me, either on the course or in the classroom,” he said.

Although Pierce College just recently approved the club, it is already challenging bigger schools. Lollar plans to start a tournament involving local colleges, including universities.

Nick Nelson / Staff Photos
Matthew Lollar teeing up.

Club adviser Terry Green, who is also a counselor at Pierce’s TRiO program, joked with him about calling the “big brother schools” in the area regarding a tournament.

Lollar said when he called Alan Murray, men’s golf coach at the University of Washington, to suggest some coaching or play, Murray took the offer quickly.

“I’m stoked because it’s not every day a (Division 1 National Collegiate Athletic Association) school tells a community college, ‘Yeah, let’s do it,’ ” Lollar said. “Of course, they have to check with the NCAA to make sure that it is OK and within the rules, so we can’t officially call it a tournament. It’s a tournament and bragging rights for us at Pierce, but vacation for them.”

Lollar also reached out to Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Puget Sound, who both agreed to the challenge. He will be getting in contact with Green River College in Auburn, who worked to recruit him to play golf at that school. He said he declined the offer to start Pierce’s new club. He also plans to speak with Olympic College in Bremerton and Bellevue College in Bellevue.

Although the original plan was to have the tournament in June, Lollar changed the time to fall quarter. This will give colleges time to get their teams together.

Lollar said, about Pierce’s exposure, “If anything, it puts our students out there. It shows the ‘big brother’ schools that we’re here, and we want to show that what we’ve got and we’re going to prove why we belong.”

Lollar hopes for budding rivalries, but also as a recruitment tool for Pierce.

He said, “I hope more than anything, it will show our athletic department and our school administration and leaders that this is a sport we should add because we have this as a resource to recruit more students.”

Spots are open to students is interested in joining the golf club.

“We’re still looking for a few more players and really want to add some ladies to our team. You don’t have to have experience. It’d be nice, but it’s mainly about having fun and networking,” Lollar said.

If a student is interested in joining the golf club, contact Lollar at mlollar3160@smail.pcd.edu.