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June 8, 2018

Marina Chetverikov/Staff Photo Illustartion
Beatrix Cendana walks in this spring’s graduation ceremony. She will receive her associate of arts degree from Pierce in the fall.

June 15 is graduation day and I am really excited to walk in the ceremony. But I am still asking myself what am I going to do after graduation? Some students decide to come back home to enjoy the short break during the spring, some students decide to transfer to a four-year university and other students get internship for a year.

Graduation means a lot to me. I feel something different inside. It is not my first time going to college but it will be my first graduation ceremony. I have studied at university for two years in my own home country. But at university, there is no graduation ceremony after finishing. Students are notified from the school whether they earned their degree or by checking the transcript through the online system. But here, once requirements are met, I can participate in to the ceremony.

After graduation, I will have a big decision to make. Should I work for a year or transfer to a four-year university? Whatever my decision, I still hope to always serve my community with my skills and knowledge at my future job.

I wish for this big day that my parents could see me walk in to the ceremony, but they are too far away. The next best thing I can do is to show them the pictures of me wearing a gown and cap.

After a few years of waiting for this big day, I think I have been patient in the process to get my associate of arts degree. The most significant thing that graduation means to me is what I learned in college. I was able to meet more people, I got involved in many kinds of volunteer and Student Life activities, and know more on what I am really passion about.

When I decided to study in the U.S., I thought I would have a hard time studying or speaking with other students at Pierce because of my language barrier. That’s why I never thought to look for ways to grow. But I found I was wrong. I discovered that from a small thing I can produce big changes in my life.

During my time here at Pierce, I was more than a student working towards getting my degree in one year. By working in various jobs on campus, I was able to gain professional experience and made good friends.

Another thing is the way education system works in the United States. Here, I never find that studying is a duty but it is more like a passion to reach my goal. In my country, education is a must-do thing and it is a duty if we want to get a better job. Also, ages are limited. To get a bachelor’s degree, everyone has to be under 21 years old to get accepted into every university.

During my time spent in college, I learned that a degree is not the only what we thing I need to get a good job. I also need to know who I am and what I want in the short term and long term for my future.


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