Rough Game for the Raiders

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The Raiders took on the Chemeteka Storm on Oct. 11. Coming into the game, Pierce (3-4-1) sat in 3rd in the NWAACC South, while Chemeteka (5-2-0) sat right ahead in 2nd place. A win in this matchup would have put the Raiders up in the standings by a point.

Early on in the match, with the rain pouring down, both teams struggled to maintain control of the ball. It looked clear that Pierce was struggling to keep up with the pace of the away team.

Off a miss-touch by Pierce defender Cameron Jake Still, Chemeteka had an easy two-on-one opportunity, allowing Brian Avila to get the scoring started for Chemeteka in the 7minute.

Finally the rain let up, allowing both teams to get a better handle on the pitch. Felipe Heredia took advantage of the quickened pace, dribbling around four Pierce defenders before burying the ball in the upper right corner of the goal handing the Raiders a 0-2 deficit in the 17minute.

Pierce Goalkeeper Alex Hall didn’t seem happy with the lack of defensive, or offensive, composure his Raiders were showing.

However, there certainly was not a lack of intensity on the Raiders side, as they fouled the opposing offensive players time after time.

Heredia put Chemeteka on the scoreboard for a second time, with a beautiful pop over the goalie, then maneuvering behind Hall for an easy touch into the back of the net in the 26 minute.

In the 34 minute Heredia got his teammate Miguel Curiel involved with a pass to the right side of Hall, with Curiel subsequently placing the ball into the right side of the net off the goalies fingertips.

The bleeding continued for the Pierce Raiders, this time off a ball driven all the way from midfield off Jovanny Centeno, two minutes later. Hall didn’t have time to make a save attempt as the ball sailed over his head, off the right post and into the goal making the score a lopsided 5-0.

Pierce continued to battle however, and off an Edgar Zepeda corner in 40 minute, defender Chris Warner volleyed the ball into the net to end the possibility of a shutout, and giving Warner a highlight-reel play.

After a quick goal from Chemeteka, Kyle Millsap sprinted with the ball from midfield and put a nice inside-outside move on the defender, placing the ball behind the goalie before stoppage time ended.

The score was 6-2 at halftime.

Shortly after halftime, the keeper Hall made two brilliant saves before collapsing on the ground in agony with a left shoulder injury. Cameron Langeridge came in and immediately made an impact with his quick hands, though it was far too late for Pierce to mount a comeback.

Chemeteka added one more goal off the foot of Pedro Gonzalez in the 72 minute to make the score 7-2.

With a chance to add another tally on the 7-2 beating, Jonathan Rodriguez struck a free kick from 30 yards out, to allow Pierce to finish the 3-7 beat down.