It’s what kind of holiday? From donuts to cheese, there’s always a reason to celebrate!

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Nearly every day contains a “national holiday,” like National Say Something Nice Day (June 1) or National Vanilla Milkshake Day (June 20).

Where do these days come from? Mostly, they come from submitting an application to the National Day Calendar website, says Craig Hlavaty on news site, Of course, plenty of national holidays are in June, from Cheese Day to Splurge Day. Here are some of the days happening this month.

June 1

National Donut Day

National Donut Day is the first Friday in June every year. The holiday was created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the women who served donuts to soldiers in World War I. Many bakeries and coffee shops, like Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme, offer donut deals to their customers. A local donut shop, House of Donuts, will be offering a free donut to the first 1,000 customers that day. Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Student Life is also handing out donuts in at 9 A.M. that morning while supplies last.

June 2

National Rocky Road Day

With summer creeping up, ice cream may be the perfect way to cool down. On June 2, people celebrate rocky road desserts, usually as ice cream in the U.S. According to the National Day Calendar, the origin of this day is unknown, but there are many accounts of how rocky road ice cream came to be. One example involves William Dryer in the 1920s using his wife’s sewing scissors to cut up walnuts and marshmallows to add to chocolate ice cream.

June 3

National Cancer Survivors Day

The first Sunday in June, National Cancer Survivors Day elicits events and celebrations hosted around the country by local communities, hospitals and cancer survivor support groups. Merril Hastings was the first to announce the holiday at the second national conference meeting of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivor-ship in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1987. The first Cancer Survivors Day was held on June 5, 1988.

June 4

National Cheese Day

According to the Holidays Calendar, it’s not known exactly when cheese was invented. All that’s really known about early cheese-making is that it was made in Egypt and Greece for thousands of years. Historians do know, however, that by the time of the Roman Empire, cheese-making was a widespread practice in most of Europe and the Middle East.

June 6

National Higher Education Day

National Higher Education Day was founded in February 2015 and is meant to convince students that education is for everyone. It also promotes college affordability. On its website,, the team behind the day offers resources for financial aid and academic support.

Karley Wise / Contributing Illustration
Celebrate friendship!

June 8

National Best Friends Day

While Days of the Year says the day is unofficial, it does not stop people from celebrating with their closest friends. People will have a picnic, eat at a restaurant, get coffee or find other ways to honor their friendship.

June 13

National Weed Your Garden Day

The origin of this day is unknown, according to the National Day Calendar. It is still observed annually and it revolves around its very name. On this day, people are meant to take an extra five or 10 minutes while weeding their gardens. Weeds can be pesky. They can crowd plant roots and steal nutrients. Ways to reduce weeds in your garden include leaving soil weed-free before planting, keeping the edges of your lawn mowed to lessen the growth of weeds, and keeping weeds away from young plants.

Marina Chetverikov/Staff Photo
Capture beauty of nature around you.

June 15

Nature Photography Day

Grab your camera to celebrate Nature Photography Day. It came from the North American Nature Photography Association to simply enjoy taking photos of nature. Photos can be taken anywhere outside – a backyard, a park, a local forest, a campground or anything close by counts. You can post your photos anywhere online and tag it with #nanpapix. In 2017, the association held a contest with prizes including cameras, camera gear, gift certificates, SD cards, tripods and more. NANPA will be holding another contest for 2018. Rules can be found at

June 18

National Splurge Day

To “splurge” means to indulge oneself in some kind of luxury. This day is all about indulging, whether it be extra whipped cream on a latte, taking a day off to relax or going to the spa. Go out for a fancy meal or eat one more cookie than planned. Of course, one should keep their splurging within the budget, but still treat themselves.

June 21

National Dump the Pump Day

Sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association, “Dump the Pump” is an effort to get more people to use public transportation. Gas prices are high, so riding the bus is an economical way to save money. It can also help prevent wear and tear on a car. One could also ride their bike or walk to get to their destination.

June 27

National PTSD Awareness Day

According to Mental Health Fitness, a depression toolkit website, post-traumatic stress disorder can occur after life-threatening or traumatic events. To observe this day, people reach out to someone they know who has PTSD. The day was designated in 2010 by North Dakota’s then-Senator Kent Conrad. It was meant as a tribute to Army Staff Sgt. Joe Biel from the North Dakota National Guard. Biel took his own life after returning from his second deployment in the Iraq War. June 27 was Biel’s birthday.

June 30

National Meteor Watch Day

When the night is clear, people watch the sky in hopes to see a shooting star. These “stars” are actually meteors that enter the Earth’s atmosphere and fly so fast that they catch fire. The glow of a meteor usually lasts around one second. This is a good time to plan a meteor watching party.