Are you smarter than Sam Reed?

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Secretary of State Sam Reed will battle students during civics week to see who is smarter

Sydney Conrad

Staff writer 

A special guest is gracing Pierce College with his presence during what we know as civics week to bring awareness, and a bit of fun, to state politics and civilians.

Secretary of State Sam Reed will be joining the student body of Pierce on Thursday, April 12, for a competition that will bring valuable information to the students, faculty and staff.

Although Reed usually presents speeches to the community, Pierce came up with a more creative way to get the information across.

“We are going to have a Jeopardy-style game where students who participate in the scavenger hunts around campus will have their names drawn to actually be contestants against Sam Reed,” Student Government President Nicole Ortega explained.

“It’s called ‘Are you Smarter then Sam Reed?’” Ortega added.

Civics week is practiced across the country as a learning time and recognition of issues occur

ring in the community, as well as discussing the upcoming political campaigns and how they could affect these issues.

As the global advancements continue in technology, economics and elsewhere, problems are becoming larger and more difficult to handle.

Therefore, the goal of this week is to unite the public in a discus- sion and awareness of civic problems and happenings.

In order to include more students in this important week, Pierce College is spicing up the event.

“During civics week Sam Reed visits a whole bunch of campuses in the area, and each campus can pick what they want him to do; other colleges are just having him speak, some are doing games,” Ortega said.

“We came up with this idea to do a game with him, but instead of having him host the game we are having him play the game,” Ortega said.

“We hope that will get more students involved to play against him,” Ortega added.

Not only will the student participants be more engaged in this event, but also door prizes will be given to several audience members throughout the game show.

The event will be held April 12 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Lecture Hall, and is open to any and all students who would like to attend.