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Debbie Denbrook/Photo Illustration

Surprises of color bring joy

December 12, 2017

The holiday decorations are put away and it seems the laughter and gaiety has gone with them. The New Year celebration with the bubbly and good cheer has come and gone. A look outside only serves to add to a spirit of melancholy.

The world looks dull, gray, lifeless. The never-ending rain occasionally gives way to snow, but even then, does little to lighten the mood.

Then a whiff of the peppermint mocha wafts up from a cup, while the barista sends a wish of a good day.

Bright colorful stocking caps bob up and down as children and adults go about their day. With a spot of red here, a wild mishmash of purple, green, and yellow there, it is like the canvas of “Fantastic Beasts” where things that are magic are just about the only things with color.

And like a spell has been cast, the weight upon the soul is not so heavy. Footsteps are lighter, laughter returns.

The world outside the window is a detailed coloring book brought to life. Walking by a rose bush brings a smile at the sight of a rose that refuses to acknowledge it is winter.

Random acts of kindness spring up, much like the crocuses, those cheerful heralds that pop out of the ground to say that spring is coming. At the coffee shop, someone pays for the person behind in line, and it starts a chain reaction. A bag of groceries is dropped off where a single mom is looking at near-empty cupboards.

In the world outside that is full of green and gray, seeing color gives hope that there is a brighter future ahead. Just one more day, just one more step, just one more thread, that is all that is needed.

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