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Some of the cranes students have made.

Some of the cranes students have made.

Debbie Denbrook/Staff Photographer

Debbie Denbrook/Staff Photographer

Some of the cranes students have made.

‘Cranes for Kids’ looks for student help

1,000 paper cranes to be delivered to Mary Bridge’s oncology unit

November 3, 2017

Student Life is hosting workshops to make 1,000 paper cranes as gifts for the oncology center at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and it needs student help.

According to Student Life promotional coordinator Dalisha Ellis, she was inspired to jumpstart the project after hearing about Hiroshima bombing victim Sadako’s story and other similar projects.

“I’ve seen a lot of people doing similar projects, so I thought it would be nice to do it for the children in Mary Bridge Hospital since they’re alone during the holidays. I just want to remind them that somebody’s out there. I also think it would be nice for the school getting together to achieve something.” said Ellis.

Ellis said she plans to get 100 cranes made during each session. Delivery of the cranes is planned for Christmas Eve to the hospital.

“The main goal right now is checking on the community and how they feel connected. It’s a nice way to relax in between classes,” said Ellis.

According to William Syhlman, student government vice president, as of Nov. 3, the current crane count is 258.

“It’s our first year with Crane for Kids, and hopefully Student Life could (make it) happen again next year, but I’m unsure about my involvement with the event and Pierce College,” said Ellis.

There are two more sessions, Nov. 8 and Nov. 13 and will take place in the Student Life lobby. Tables are set up with picture instructions and different patterned paper materials to build the cranes. Kandace Artero and Aiyana Parham have been working alongside Ellis and are available to help with guidance and support.

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