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Henrik Haude Spotlight

June 15, 2017

Henrik Haude is an 18-year-old first generation college student with the goal of completing a major in chemistry or political science. Most importantly he aspires to become a military officer.

He was born in Cologne, Germany to a German father and American mother. His family moved to the U.S. when he was the age of 7; he holds dual citizenship, and can speak German moderately well.

Haude’s current educational plans are to successfully complete his two remaining quarters at Pierce College for his associate’s degree. He also is in the process of getting his high school diploma.

Balancing two completely different disciplines and maintaining strict educational goals hasn’t always been the easiest of roads to travel. He acknowledges this academic gauntlet as a sort of trainer that is prepping him for university and in general – life.

“It’s been hard, but I try to keep my goals in mind; down to the smallest of details,” he said.

These fleeting difficulties have also been slowly preparing him for the strenuous career as a United States military officer, and the challenge of getting into the prestigious United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

What is driving him to a career as a military officer he said, “It’s a narrow choice, but one that offers the most opportunity.” Haude also sees the benefits of going into military school, “It’s basically guaranteed employment,” and “In fact, students are paid, fed, clothed, and trained while they attend.”

While those basic necessities are important to him; he also sees the important life skills he would be gaining, “Service and also leadership are important values to being an officer,” he said.

Haude is already well into the process of starting to learn some of those values.

With service to his country being the first of those two major values; Haude would be the first in his family to voluntarily serve in a military environment. He also knows that becoming a military officer would give him first-hand experience. It would also show him show him the ins-and-outs – good and bad of the military.

The other important value to Haude is leadership. He is an officer on the board of Pierce’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society for Community Colleges, and rowing.

Of those three, rowing happens to be Haude’s favorite, and he even describes rowing as,

“Probably one of the best things I’ve ever done in [my] life.”

The reason rowing has made such an impact; Haude said, “It’s a unique sport that has

challenged and rewarded me.” It has also taught him how to better himself, have compassion, and how to be the leader to a like-minded group of individuals in the toughest of times.


After his career as a military officer is finally over; he plans to come back to Washington state to start opportunities for community outreach in Tacoma, and the surrounding areas. He hopes of inspiring another generation to reach for their own goals – no matter how difficult.

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