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Firing Comey makes Trump look like a dictator

June 15, 2017

As if bigoted outlooks and his lackadaisical behavior wasn’t enough, Trump needs to fire the one guy who’s investigating him. It’s almost as if President Trump wants to get impeached.

This isn’t Celebrity Apprentice anymore, you can’t go “ya fired” to the man who is investigating your ties to Russia. That’s like if a kid got caught stealing a candy bar and they respond, “no, you’re grounded.”

Before anyone says “it’s a coincidence. James Comey screwed up on the Clinton emails,” let it be noted that President Trump applauded Comey’s investigation on Clinton, even when the President Obama was already upset with Comey’s dealings.

Now all of a sudden that’s a problem? I don’t think so. There are only two scenarios that went down. Either he’s starting to get his act together and realizes that he needs to take his job seriously in order to keep this nation together, or this was the opportune moment to get rid of some pesky FBI flies.

If it was the first scenario, then Trump realized that rules and regulations need to be followed when it comes to a faulty investigation and came to his senses to fire Comey, even if his investigation helped his campaign.

If it was the second scenario, then Trump saw the perfect moment to finally penalize Comey for his investigation, meanwhile halting the case. He killed two birds with one stone.

This may seem like the typical coup-de-tete that a ruthless tyrant would pull. Chairman Mao did it, Nixon did it before the Watergate scandal, Kim Jung-Il most definitely killed his political opposers. But this is one man, a conservative man at that, who may be replaced by another FBI agent who may be even more tactful than Comey.

Don’t worry students, if this was the beginning of a House of Cards or a Game of Thrones scenario, President Trump wouldn’t know how to play it.

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