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Why does accountability matter?

May 2, 2017


When it comes to values and morals, integrity and accountability rank the highest in society. Trust is the foundation on which everything is built, from home and family to business to government.

Those who hold positions of authority also hold the responsibility of maintaining the trust handed to them. It is what defines the good guys from the bad guys. This is especially true in public office, the higher the rank and visibility the greater the accountability.

Members of Congress live with this reality every day. They know that they have to answer to those who elected them. What they say, what they do, how they vote is all done in the public eye.

The same goes for the president. In our system of government, he has to answer to the people.

Why does the public still demand to see his tax returns? He is in charge of the nation’s budget; how he handled his money will be how he handles ours.

The people have a right to know why missiles were launched into a foreign country when that country is not one of our allies, nor did the leader of that country ask for such an attack. It is not enough that Trump had made a promise to wipe out ISIS. The people have a right to know what is the end game. They remember well what happened when a former president made a similar claim and discovered the cost and impossibility of following through on that claim.

When the White House press secretary repeatedly presents questionable facts and when called on it, calls them “alternative facts,” trustworthiness is rightfully called in to question. After all, printing alternative facts is how papers like The National Enquirer stay in business.

When a leader in the free world makes a claim of keeping his word, he should not be surprised when people take as fact his claim that Obama engaged in unauthorized wire-tapping. He should also expect to be asked to present proof when making such a claim since doing such a thing is a chargeable offense. It is also wise to be cautious in making a public statement because if he can be charged with slander and libel.

When Trump makes pointed remarks about how often Obama took a vacation while President, yet Trump takes more vacations in the first 90 days in office than Obama did in his first year, it points to being unethical.

When he approaches the illegal immigration with a stark “you have no right to be here so you must be deported attitude,” he does so with a strong disregard to the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments. They

If Trump really wants to make America great again, he can start by holding himself accountable to the American people.

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