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Tips and tricks to get desired grade

April 23, 2017

It is the start of a new quarter. For some students, they have one foot off campus as the they plan their graduation. Others are checking off classes done and ones still to complete. Then there’s the ones wandering the halls, paper or cell phone in hand, trying to navigate the confusing maze of halls.

It is now the fourth week in. By now the shock of how much the books costs has faded, along with surprise of the homework demand. As a new student it is easy to start thinking “I’ve got this.” Then comes your first quiz and the professor announces mid-terms are just a couple of weeks away.

The internet can be a helpful place, full of information for essays and formula help with math. But be warned, it is also full of tips and tricks that may look cool or disguised as “studying help” that are anything but help.

So here is a handy guide to use for navigation through the potential minefield.


Use the tutoring center. It is one of the best resources available. To them, there is no such thing as a dumb student.

Talk to your professor. Some of them can look intimidating, but they really do want to see students do well.

Blank monthly calendars are great for keeping track of multiple assignments with multiple due dates

Check your email and canvas often.


Do not:

Use tips on how to get around the professor’s “no cell phone” rule in class.

Put math formulas or other notes on the inside label of a plastic bottle or underside of a ruler to use at your desk when taking a test. The professor will still call it cheating.

Procrastinate when given an assignment.

Let anything get in the way of finishing assignments.


Take the time to explore the campus. There are more than just the classrooms, library, and cafeteria. The planetarium in the Rainier building is the only one in the area and has show times open to the public.

The exercise center in the HEC is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets. At only $16 a month, it is a good place for students to burn off the extra energy generated after having a lively discussion with a professor on an assignment.

The assignments may seem unreasonable and overwhelming, but there is a purpose to it all. For many, this path will be walked only once. Make it a good journey to remember.

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