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New Pierce College Student Life President

April 23, 2017

Life sometimes has a way of making surprising changes and sometimes those changes affect the workplace. An unexpected vacancy can give an opportunity for growth.

Such is the case for our student government president. Kate Hummel recently chose to step down serving as the SG president and with another quarter left in her term, the vacancy needed to be filled.

Normally the vacancy would fall to Jacob Smith, the VP, but he declined. After some discussion, the members of the student government agreed that Zoe Sundberg, who was serving as the Legislative Senator, would step up to serve as the president.

She is from Bethel High School in the Running Start program and is in her second year here.

She joined the student government at the beginning of the 2016-17 year. While serving as the LS, she planned last year’s Constitution Day and Civics Week.  with American Honors and Phi Theta Kappa. In her spare time she also sits on the Board of Directors for the Washington Community and Technical College Student Association; she seeks to advocate for students and help make an impact on legislators.

She has high aspirations as she serves as the ASPCFS president. When asked what she hopes to accomplish, she said, “As the ASPCFS President this year, I am working hard to make a true impact on the campus. With only one quarter left, we do not have much time to do everything we would like to, but we have still set our goals high. I have encouraged my teammates to think big and explore creative ideas for this final quarter. Although this year’s SG team has managed to implement the food pantry on campus, I believe we have so much more potential to make an impact with our students.”

Also on her list of her priorities are:

  • Fort Steilacoom and the Puyallup Campus are working together to update all of the hardware/software on campus to ensure the screens displaying student information are in working condition. Updating the system would allow the campus to have up to date technology. 
  • Creating a partnership with Pierce Transit to alleviate transportation barriers to students pursuing a higher education at Pierce College. Her ambitious goal is to get students free bus passes.
  • More charging stations for electronic devices on campus

After graduation in June, she intends to transfer to PLU in September to add a business degree to her general AA-DTA she earned here. Her end goal is a career in business law.

While she did not seek the position of student President, she sees the growth she will gain as something that will help her in her career. She said, “I have gained an immense amount of leadership skills. I have strengthened my skills as a teammate and I have also improved my public speaking and have been working closely with administration. The professionalism and skills I have gained will help in anything I wish to pursue in the future.

She ended by encouraging students who are looking for something to do besides a class schedule. “Joining Student Government was the most valuable experience I have gained this far. I would encourage any student that is thinking about getting involved on campus, to join Student Life.”

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