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Mother’s Dog Tags & Basketball Collide with this Basketball Players Journey

November 2, 2016

Max Bond is a freshman at Pierce College, and a new Raiders basketball player.

His height and knowledge of the game and its strategies give him all the traits of a solid athlete. One day after another practice, he noticeably kissed a set of dog tags that hung around his neck.

           In his 7th and 8th grade years, he fought through physically tough times. His mom continually tried to get him to stop playing and to rest, but Max kept working harder and harder.

After seeing the fire of determination and effort in her son, his mom gave him her dog tags she earned in the military as a symbol of his hard work. This is when his mom called and labeled him as a “True Warrior.”

His mom saw how hard her son worked and played and so as a reward, she took him to his favorite restaurant, Panda Express.

Max explained that if he struggles during any game he can hear his mom, even if she isn’t physically present at the game, say to him, “get your ass on the court and kick some ass.”

          Max started his basketball career at a young age and aspires of playing in the NBA, and he said, “Basketball is all I know.”

Max’s biggest goal is to represent the United States in the Olympics playing the sport he loves. “It’s a good way to serve your country.”

Max spoke about how he felt the team is heading into this upcoming season. He noted that the Raiders are a strong team and with the right players, would make a championship run.

The team gained some ambitiously tall players to anchor the defense after barely missing the playoffs last year. The question is, “what is the biggest difference on this team?” Max answered with one word: showmanship.

“We’ve got players that can put on a show,” he said. “This is a group of guys who play for each other, which is a great championship mindset.”

Tough practices have been great for this team as they prepare for the start of the season. Although Max admits to enduring some pain, he explains that he will always perform the best he can for the team.

          “Max is young player, who represents the saying in sports that when the chips are down you fight till the very end.”

Dog tags and all, Max Bond says he is ready to help bring a winning attitude to Pierce. He represents his Raiders team; young, talented, and ready to win it all.

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