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Pros and Cons of Clowns

October 26, 2016

The Fun in Fear

It’s October and Halloween is just around the corner, but this year you might not find any clowns popping up behind you in bushes. Communities are putting their feet down and banning the jesters this year due to the recent clown marches and hunts. But it is that big of a deal? Clowns have been around since ancient Greek times and have been freaking people out for years. Why do we watch creepy clown movies or go the circuses, then? Because we love the fear. Fear gives us a thrill, just like bungee jumping or hang gliding might, and what would Halloween be without mischief and frights? I’m not saying that people should be dressing up as clowns and toting around weapons, but people should be allowed to dress up however they want as long as it doesn’t break any laws.

The banning in Clown Costumes

Everyone has heard about the terror of the weapon-wielding clowns, right? Luckily, most people have enough sense to ban clown costumes this Halloween.

Many children love clowns and some parents even hire clowns to come and perform at children’s birthday parties. Something that is associated with children and their birthdays should never be made into a weapon and used to instill fear in civilians. The actual clown incidents have been rightfully terrifying people.

Many have used clowns in horror films or to incite a little scare in a friend, but when there are clowns attacking cities and killing people, the clown and the possible terror is maximized.

People are rightfully banning clown costumes this Halloween. There are two different reasons for this. The first is to protect the innocent who may be thinking about dressing up as clowns from possible anti-clown attacks. The second reason is to be able to easily identify these monsters that are dressing up as scary clowns.

While everyone is entitled to dress up as scarily or maybe as scantily as they please on this masquerade of a holiday, a few bad clowns have ruined clowns for everyone.

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