International Students experienced the Halloween pumpkin patch

From a corn maze to hay tractor, students enjoyed American traditional farm activities very much.

October 19, 2016

On October 12, 18 international students attended the pumpkin patch at the Schilter Family Farm in Olympia with the Intensive English Program Professor Kristine Chester and the Student Activities Coordinator Breanna Baker from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.


Most students have little experiences about Halloween. “In my country, we have a farm. But a Halloween pumpkin patch is a totally new experience to me. I am so excited,” said Kana Takezawa, a student from Tokyo, Japan.


Students paid $4 per person. It is included the activities at the farm and the cost of one pumpkin for each student.


The first place where students stopped was the Hay Pyramid and the RoundUp Railway. While seeing pumpkins across the farm, students took many pictures of themselves with huge pumpkins. 


At the Hayride Pick-up, which is located between the Admission Booth and the Hay Pyramid, students got on a hay tractor.


The best activity that student picked was the con maze. While holding paper maps on each hand, students walked and ran to find an exit. It was not easy, but students were delight to discover a way out. Some ways were even hidden between the corn stalks.


“Because I get lost. So hard, it takes 15 minutes, but it was fun!! Today’s activities are great, so funny,” said Tran “Sanie” Cao.


She has just been America one month and she has really been enjoying the campus life at the College. “So many activities for new students and especially I like Intensive English Program (IEP) classmates. I always participate many activities to have fun with them.”


At the farm store, many decorated pumpkins and fresh apples were on sale at the inexpensive prices. Students enjoyed the little barn market while wearing some cute Halloween hats, putting pumpkins on their heads, and taking selfies of them.


After taking their own pumpkins at the Wee Ones Pumpkin Path, students padded little kitty, goats, pigs, and chickens at the Animal Petting Barn. Some students also experienced Hay Jump after escaping from the Giant Sandbox Hay Maze. They jumped and sprinkled hay together with a little boy who came the farm with his family.


Christine, the professor of IEP department also shared her feeling. “I am so much glad to have a time to enjoy activities with students in out of the class. With a great weather, it is also great to meet other students who didn’t see in my classes.”


Cada Gonzalaz, a student who is also attending IEP, expressed how she feels happiness and satisfaction today. “I feel very good and happy; because I am with my friends, meet with many people, and pumpkins, look like me! It is so funny. My country also has a Halloween and has farms as well, but not this kind of activities,” said Gonzalaz.


International students’ first Halloween family farm activities were enjoyable, and they liked the unique American culture very much. Now they are waiting for another Halloween event, the International Education Halloween Dance Party at HEC on October 29th.

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