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Flu Shot Frenzy

Getting Vaccinated Against the Flu

October 26, 2016

Ah, fall. The time of Thanksgiving, Halloween, cold weather, and of course, the flu season. As we all know, getting the flu is not fun, especially since college isn’t free, so flu shots are a must. When asked, a lot of students replied that “yeah, they’d already gotten their shots.” What a lot of them didn’t know, however, is that the beginning of school isn't always the best time to get inoculated.

            According to Lisa Murray, one of the Health teachers at our school, it takes about two weeks after an injection for your body to build up immunity to the virus. Then you’ll be good to go; at least until it wears off. That’s right, folks. Flu shots are only effective for so long, and once they’ve worn off, your body is susceptible to illness. The problem with this is that public places like gyms, schools, and dorms are breeding hotspots for all sorts of nasty bugs that can affect anyone, especially young children, older adults, and anyone who has a weak immune system.

            Thankfully, flu shots are available during every season, so you don’t have to wait for your next annual doctor’s appointment. The vaccines also don’t actually give you the flu. You might experience flu-like symptoms, but that’s just your body’s way of training itself for the chance that you might catch a bug. So this season, don’t forget to get your flu shot so both you and your classmates can avoid missing out on collecting candy and carving pumpkins.

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