How do International Students Spend their Summer Break?

Learn how three International Students spent their Summer Break

October 7, 2016

The 2016 summer break for Pierce College students has already passed. Many international students had a great time. During a lengthy break, which is more than three weeks, they went back home in all around the world or went on wonderful trips with families and friends. Here are six students who spent fantastic summer breaks.

Li Keer, who is from China, spent her summer in Russia for two weeks. “I went there the next day of my IELTs test.” she added with chuckle. “I heard from people that only one third of time in Saint Petersburg are sunny day, and I was lucky enough to meet two of them there.” She also added it was a very unique and awesome trip. “One more thing special in Russia was that your body language tells more than good English.”

For Francela Gutierrez, who is a student from Nicaragua, this summer was the most memorable time to meet her family who lives in LA. They have not seen each other for five years.

“This is my first time in US and my family moved to here when I was little; since I have not seen them for so long day, reconnecting with them was very special.” She also met her three little cousins for the first time.

They went to Hollywood as well. “Especially I could see the history of Hollywood, red carpet, academy award, and Hollywood’s actors and singers houses; it was so much fun.”

She also went to Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is a big theme park. “For me, it was new experience because I always been afraid of those huge games, like rollercoasters, but I did a lot of them, so it was fun.” Her major is Business, and she is now starting her second quarter this fall.

“Meeting friends who studied together was the amazing thing.” Joy Ceyeung, a student from Hong Kong said. Before she came back to her hometown, she stopped by in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

“I called my Japanese friends who I made while studying at Pierce College. They showed me around like traditional castles, and we ate Japanese foods together. We enjoyed so much.”

After spending a great time with friends in Japan, she came back to Hong Kong, and volunteered an internship in a non-governmental organization (NGO) in her country for two months. She has been here three quarters, and studies general studies.

During the summer quarter, Truc Don, a student who came from Vietnam had taken three classes with five credits. “It was quite hard and intensive two months.” After finishing classes, she visited California to see her relatives, and had a vacation in Los Angeles with her boyfriend. She is studying Biochemistry.

Siyao Li, a student from China, had a great time with her mother. Her mother has come from Guangzhou, China to America to visit her. “During two months that we have not seen each other, there were so many things to talk to each other.”

They have been sightseeing in San Francisco, California. She said Pacific crabs, which is in the Fisherman’s Wharf for selling to people, was impressive.

“It was little bit hot but great and very restful trip. San Francisco is a really good place for those people who are sitting around the office all the time. Because of the sunny weather, you can come out and relax yourself,” she added. She just graduated in Intensive English Program (IEP) and now is heading to college classes in fall.

Daniel Ho, who is a student from Hong Kong, has spent his break at his hometown and also went trip to Macao with his family. “I have missed all my family members, so when I saw them again during the break, it was very nice.’’

To him, it was especially hard to come back letting beside the memories that he spent with his friends. “I miss all my high school friends. Whenever one of us has something to feel upset, we will drink the beers together. That is good feeling.” He is studying Business.

Having great memories and valuable experiences with families and friends, students safely came back to campus. Now they are ready to start their new academic year.

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