Students Danced while able to catch Pokemon Go

A flood of handheld game followers met to dance and catch ‘em all

October 7, 2016

Since it’s release in July, 2016, Pokemon Go has invaded all aspects of our culture.  Reports show that the game has had 500 million downloads as of late September, and has peaked at over 25 million active users.  The game has become a social phenomenon, bringing people together to be active in public while playing a video game.

Morgue Anne Morrighan, Seattle's only Burlesque Super Villainess, has taken this to the next level by combining Pokemon Go with dancing with Pokemon Party at the Mercury.  While she spins the tunes from the DJ booth, dancers are throwing Pokeballs on their mobile devices.

When asked how she came up with the idea, Morgue Anne replied, “Well I had the preexisting Tabletop Gaming Night and have been slowly building it up as more of an all-over ‘Nerd Night.’ That is to say, I tried to push away from the traditional goth music that is played every other night (including my other nights) and explore the music I really enjoyed in my own time and know there is a market for however small - the Chiptunes and other video game music. Short answer is: I'm a nerd myself, and I was just as excited about Pokemon Go as anyone could be. The first time I went to the Mercury after the game was released, I discovered that there were 3 Pokestops that you could reach from just standing in the DJ booth. It was admittedly hard to focus on my work that night. So combining the idea of Pokemon into my preexisting night was a no brainer. I did a ton of research on the music of Pokemon (a lot of which I already had), invested some money in buying in-game currency to make sure the lures stayed up all night, and bought a set of Badge replicas. Some nights I even bring Pokemon coloring pages and crayons.”  At midnight, the attendees who catch the highest Combat Power Pokemon at the event win a Pokemon Gym Badge or other prizes.

Morgue Anne is a local native, and has been performing professionally for six years in Seattle.  “Becoming a DJ became a great way to build up a whole world just by playing with the atmosphere of a space.”

Pokemon Party is held on the fourth Wednesday of each month in combination with Ghoul’s Night Out tabletop game night.  Sometimes it is also on the second Wednesday with As You Like It all request night.  For details, follow

The Mercury @ machineworks, located at 1009 E Union Street in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, is a 21+ private dance club.  Though most nights require a membership, Morgue Anne sponsors in visitors for Pokemon Go nights.  The dress code does not allow for jeans. 

(Note:  Photos are actual in game pictures, photo credit to Morgue Anne Morrighan)


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